December 4, 2023

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My Development Agenda For Obio/Akpor 11 -Worlu

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A former Obio/Akpor LGA chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, Chimenem Bobo Worlu, has declared his interest to run for House of Reps, representing Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency, Rivers State, in the forthcoming 2023 elections, under the platform of Accord party. 

The aspirant who is also a former PDP National Youth Movement, NYM, director on training and skill acquisition, south- south zone, spoke with EDITH CHUKU in an interview, shortly after he picked his expression of interest and nomination forms. 


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What are you bringing to the table as you contest for the house of Reps?
We are looking at four points agenda to work with. Talking about the things we will do in government, we have a lot of things we intend to do, because the government or the system has done virtually nothing and that is why we have chosen to grow our communities, our ward and the local government at large by meaningfully empowering and engaging them in several possible approaches we have mapped out.

These approaches or four-point agenda, as you call it, what are they?
Our first point agenda is human capital development, which will cut across both the educated and non-educated.

In this human capital development, we shall be running a technical and vocational educational training programme using some of our universities and world class professional NGO bodies, that can enable participants at the end of their programmes to be meaningfully engaged in any part of the world, even here in our country Nigeria.

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Let’s say you win the election, how will this programme salvage impoverished natives, dwellers in your constituency from hunger, unemployment?
The programme will give room for local contractors and technicians to grow their businesses, as well as their skills professionally. You discover that in our society today, we have a lot of domestic electricians, and because they don’t have the knowledge of the programme (Technical and Vocational Educational Training) which I call TVET, they can’t compete, and that’s why it looks as if businesses are not growing, so TVET programmes provides ample opportunities for wielders, electricians, plumbers, down to the hair dresser. TVET gives you means, broad understanding of how to grow beyond opening a shop, it equips and ensures your advancement, mostly for small businesses, skills, those who are talented. You get better developed and equipped on how to advance in knowledge and make money, instead of importing human hair, you produce it, this is what TVET can help to achieve.

And agriculture?
Talking about agriculture, TVET programme will encourage agriculture. Agriculture is not just about going to farm, no, we will do basic and professional trainings in agro business, fishery, poultry, name it, when an individual is trained in these capacities, you discover that the person’s mindset will grow, so TVET will also help to enhance our agricultural facilities, after these trainings.

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What about health sector, educational sector? We shall touch all these areas through TVET by giving people the right knowledge, that’s why our first point agenda when we take over government is human capital development through TVET programmes, and these programmes will be running in batches, so, we drive on that vehicle to grow our economy, starting from our constituency here in Obio/Akpor.
The second point agenda we are going to take up as a government, is to enhance and improve health care quality in all our health care modern centers here in our LGA.

If you agree with me, take a walk to the health centers in our LGA here, you discover that so many of our health centers are not functioning, not because there are no facilities, but because there is no proper attention given, so, everybody does whatever thing they like, the government does not care but in our government, we will not give room for such, every community leader who has health facility in their community will serve as whistle blowers to us as a government, while we keep visiting and providing basic amenities to ensure that our health care sector is working 24 hours, this is the way that we can help in improving our health care sector.

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Unemployment, in our first four years, we will build factories where TVET programmes will hold, we have nine wards in our constituency, we will merge two wards to one factory, so, in four years, we shall have four or five factories where these trainings will be going on free of charge, it will be like an institution, you come, enrol for any skill, any business of your choice, training is free of charge and at the end of the day you obtain a good certificate, we will also ensure that every participant who don’t have a registered business name through CAC; Corporate Affairs Commission, as you are graduating, we will make that available for you to strengthen your business.

The third point agenda we are going to tackle which is a general problem in the society, is the educational sector.

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In our basic educational system, our primary schools must be functional, our junior secondary schools must be functional, and the senior secondary must be functional, we shall ensure that none of our children will be sitting on the floor as we see in most of the schools today, and we shall also ensure as a government that we sponsor bills to make sure that our classrooms, school buildings are well equipped, it’s the duty of a government, that’s our duty, we must make sure that these things are functional and working, because the essence of government is to provide the common needs of a common man, we will not run a government that our secondary and primary schools will not be functioning, no, so our third point agenda is to improve education, at primary and secondary levels.

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