January 21, 2022

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My Agenda For Rivers PDP, By New Ward Chair

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Chukwuemeka Owhor recently emerged the new chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ward 14. He spoke with EDITH CHUKU.

How would you describe the Ward 14 chairmanship position that you have just inherited?
It’s a call to service, a call to serve in the grassroots. It’s not an inheritance and I am not the most qualified, it’s just a privilege accorded me to give my quota. Like you know, everybody has a blueprint, but whatever that blueprint is becomes clearer when you are opportune to make that possible. Being the new chairman of our great party, the PDP in ward 14 is my most humble privilege. It’s a call to serve. I call it service; service to my party, the PDP, service to ward 14, service to my leaders, service to God and humanity. let me reiterate what I said earlier, it is a platform, an avenue that enables natives, people in the grassroots our party to feel and enjoy the closeness of the government.
How would you describe your predecessor?
Chief Emma Frank, JP, has done his very best; I applaud him for his contributions. He has given his quota and we all are grateful to him for that, the unity of the party members and drive to increase the numerical strength of our party. It is like a dancing ring, you dance. Your own is to put in your best in the dance, but it is those watching your waist, how it shakes that will tell if you are a good dancer or not. So for me, Chief Emma Frank danced well. Our duty is to see how we can bend lower and shake our waist better. Even the Bible says that the glory of the latter should be greater than the former. So, that is it, we appreciate him for holding our party, the PDP for these eight years.
I have observed that the public, followers, viewers most times see and observe more than leaders. No one is an embodiment of knowledge, you can’t know it all, as a leader, when you leave a position, you will see areas you failed to look into which were of utmost importance, that’s why it is essential to listen, listen to everybody, everybody that has something to say, it goes a long way to mould your actions and form your decisions.
The PDP ward 14 is blessed with people whose grey hair speaks wisdom in volume, in high magnitude, we also have youths whose strength and will is geared towards positivity, we can weave together the weak strands of our individual opinions into a feasible action plan that will move the ward forward.
Also, with the opinion of our predecessors, we will surely get it right.
What are your plans?
Everything we stand for is for the betterment of the party, people in the grassroots, in ward 14 and the state. Our governor, Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is over passionate, zealous ensuring the betterment, development, growth, all he is concerned about is to achieve the new Rivers vision, that is where we stand for the next eight years. We are adopting same vision, drive in ward 14. Our leader, the governor has shown us the way, that once your passion is driven towards bettering the lives of people, you are bound to succeed. We want to do same in ward 14, for our party, our people in our own very little available way, we are only instruments in God’s hands to achieve the course and that we will by God’s grace.

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