January 24, 2022

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Miracle As Product Of Salvation

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Miracle is an essential ingredient of salvation, ones you are saved, you become a miracle, a miracle to the world; a miracle to your family, friends, in your neighbourhood, environment, and the church, Matthew 5:14. Ephesians 5:8.
As much as healing is the breath of the children of God, Mark 7:27. 1Peter 2:24, so is Miracle inherent, the birth right of Sons, Daughters, children of God.
It is not measured by your fat bank account, no, those are evidence, rather, by the worth of thy word, God’s word hid in your heart, as it proceeds something happens, when you are present, even your belonging performs miracle, ask Elisha, ask the prophets of Baal what happened when Elijah released the word. Elijah was fed by a raven, then a widow, 1 kings 17:2-16, yet he was a miracle. Jesus is a miracle, before Jesus went back to heaven; He handed over in double folds more than Elijah did to Elisha. Jesus bestowed greater power, anointing for greater signs on you and I, not just pastors, not prophets, but children of God who knows their place in Christ.
What we need is the word “as it is written” in the scripture backed by Faith. God is not looking at air conditioned buildings, not beautifully decorated alters but men of “FAITH” through Jesus Christ.
I pray, healing occurs, not my doing but God, I have Faith, I use the Word then God acts. Recently a woman was healed of 26years of madness, another healed of seven years of blindness, a lady was healed of H.I.V, a dead manhood was restored to activeness, lady healed of about 12years fibroid, broken marriage restored, man saved from kidnappers, generational curses broken in families, 25years of diabetes healed, financial breakthrough, woman delivered a set of twins carried in the womb for six years, 19years imbecile receives perfect healing, a little boy walks for the first time in six years, oh my God, I can go on and on. Most times I get amazed, God is able to do exceedingly but I get shocked sometimes, mine is to seek and believe, God does everything, I didn’t do any of these, God did, it takes Faith to activate these miracles in you through the scripture.
This woman had breast cancer for 15years, the left breast was cut off, initially, she felt, ok, I can manage this right one left until it became affected. She was comfortable that though one had gone she still had one left; now, because she is about to loss what was left she ran to God. Don’t keep quiet believing its ok to lose one, if you do, you will lose all except God intervenes, Matthew 18:12-14. Luke 15:3-7.
She was searching for Miracle but didn’t know how to activate it. Her right breast was almost as good as gone, Children of God, wake up, wake up, don’t sleep until you lose something. She came here on Sunday, August 25th, I prayed for her, the church rose in tears for her sake, Acts 20:19, I spoke by faith, 11:23 not sight, 2Corinthians 5:7, I believed, she keyed into it, by Tuesday, August 27, she testified here.
The problem we Christians have is our unbelief, (Psalm 78:22), not the church building, not that the pastor is not powerful enough, not filled enough, not that the right prayers have not been said over your condition but what have you said? What do you believe? (Ezekiel 35:1-7)
I was moved with compassion, how can she lose a second breast, it’s an error for her to have lost one and now another one, we need to exercise F.A.I.T.H. funny enough, even those that bear the name Faith don’t even have faith, how much more, me. Not by name but by what you carry.
You have to know what was written about you, chapter through chapter, do you need to object it, then go ahead, if not, are you on the right path? Find out, it’s all in the scripture. Miracle is real; you will have one if only you believe.

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