July 19, 2024

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Lesson Teacher From Hell… How Randy Lesson Teacher Defiled Pupil, Ruined Parent’s Marriage

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In Port Harcourt, a woman narrates to TNN, a devastating ordeal of what her only daughter went through in the hands of her home lesson teacher.
Hear her:
We just employed him, (stammers). I employed him not up to three weeks now, to help coach our daughter. I never imagined he is capable of something this wicked (tears).
My daughter has difficulty in calculations, mathematics. So I approached her school. It was the principal that recommended him to me. I didn’t know he is a devil sent to destroy my home, (weeps). God forgive me, forgive me heavenly father (pauses).
What exactly happened?
He came to the house last Wednesday to teach my daughter. While they were having the lesson in our sitting room, I went out briefly to get tomatoes. When I returned, they were no longer in the parlour (tears). I was hearing strange sound from my husband’s room, like someone’s mouth was closed and the person was struggling to remove the hand (sobs).
When I rushed into our room, I saw my daughter (tears), my innocent daughter struggling on our bed, struggling to remove the teacher’s hand so she could shout (sobs).
What did you do?
I was lost. I died. Seeing that man on top of my baby girl, our only child who was struggling, struggling to scream so I could come save her killed me. That beast had defiled my eight year old daughter (tears). There was blood on our bed sheet. He was lying on top of my daughter, pant down, with his manhood in her private part (tears). I screamed and passed out.
When I woke up, people had gathered, I was told he escaped, till now, nobody knows his way about. I use to be in the house, I use to sit in the parlour whenever he comes because my husband never accepted, my husband refused, he kicked against it especially when he knew it was a man. My husband has left us, he left the house, he doesn’t even take my calls.
What do I do? I need my family back, I need my husband back. We need him for the sake of our daughter. He is everything to me. My husband is life itself to me. What do I do?

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