September 23, 2021

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Knocks, Praises For Wike Over Mosque Demolition

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Mixed reactions have continue to trail the recent alleged demolition of a mosque in Port Harcourt as well as the claims by the governor, Nyesom Wike, that the state is a Christian state.
The governor, during an event at the Lord Chosen Charismatic Church in Port Harcourt had said that “without apologies, Rivers State is 100 per cent Christian state.” The mosque demolition came a few weeks after, thereby creating the impression that the demolition may have been carried out in confirmation of the governor’s earlier pronouncement.
Alhough, the governor has since denied that any mosque was demolished in the state. Speaking with TNN in an interview, the first Anglican Priest of Port Harcourt City, Venerable Favour Orluogwo, JP, however said Wike’s had no connection with the alleged demolition of the mosque.
According to Orluogwo, “this is first time a governor has done that over here in Rivers, Wike has not only said so but demonstrated it by his support to the churches. Wike has also surrounded himself with Christian politicians whom he trusted.”
“The church should reciprocate by praying more for his health, wisdom and goodwill. The church should intercede on his behalf that those Christian politicians he has entrusted responsibilities to should not betray him.”
But Ambassador Otomo Abali who spoke on the same issue urged Christians not to be carried away by Wike’s claims. He said “even as an ardent believer of the faith, I must say that there is nothing in this statement that should be celebrated by true believers who know the firmness of their feet especially as it is coming from people whose actions had always opposed the tenets of the faith.
“Words that don’t match deeds are deceits and mere jamboree. It’s only in Nigeria that we religiously accommodate mediocrity at its highest level.”
Describing Nigeria as a secular nation Abali said “this statement portrays highest level of primitivism and I believe it can’t be accommodated in big nations like America which utmost foundation is even Christianity.”
“It is archaic and anti-people statement that need not be celebrated. It’s done just for political gains in order to attract sympathy from people in a state that is highly populated by both genuine and acclaimed Christian folks.”

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