March 1, 2024

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Jubilation In Eneka As Youth Group Gifts Less Privileged Children Back To School Materials

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As part of their support to less privileged children in the society, Rumuowegwu Youth Association in Eneka Clan in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, on Monday, launched a back-to-school campaign at the Community Primary School 11 Eneka.

Among school materials distributed to both indigenes and non-indigenes during the campaign were books, pencils, pen, eraser and ruler, following the resumption of schools.

Members of the youth group who visited the school for the campaign were the president, Mr. Nnadi Princewill Nyeche, vice-Mr. Paul Nwanyewu, secretary-Mr. Elvis Arikeru Odiri, Mr. Bestman B. Nnadi, Princewill Nana Nnadi, Precious Manuchimso Nnadi, a stakeholder, Nyebuchi Odiri, Nnadi C. Desmond, among others.

Addressing the students during the programme, the president charged them to be dedicated to their studies, insisting that their future was not dependent on their current background.

He appealed to the children to be appreciative of their parents and accept whatever they can afford thankfully, adding that their tomorrow would be far better and greater than that of their parents.

Nnadi said “I am very proud of all of you because this is the very big beginning that you have to cherish. Work hard so that you will become that medical doctor, that lawyer, banker, accountant, teacher, engineer, pilot that you want to be.

“Every president, doctor, lawyer, started like this, nobody was born a doctor. The engineer, the pilot you see and want to be like was not born like that, they started from here-school.

“Don’t be ashamed, don’t worry, just work hard and always tell yourself I will be a doctor, I will be this and that. As you work hard, stay focused, read your books, be obedient to your teachers, parents, elders, you will become what God says you will become.”

The youth president also advised the children that “anything your parents give to you, thank them; say daddy thank you, mummy thank you. It is not easy, thank them and keep it well, don’t tear your books, don’t throw away your pencils, cleaner, don’t take what does not belong to you. Greet your seniors and elders. I tell you that even from here, you will become great people tomorrow.”

To the headmistress, teachers and parents, he said “thank you for all your efforts. We want to thank the parents of these children, yes they might not have the capacity to send them to big schools, but also, they did not keep them at home or send them to hawk during school period, thank you for giving these futures of tomorrow education.

“To you that is teaching, training and disciplining these children, your own will not spoil, God will bless you, as you plant these seeds you will also reap from them. Thank you so very much.”

In an exclusive interview with TNN, Nnadi explained the inspiration behind the campaign. He said “well, we cannot do enough, there is nothing we are giving here today that is close to meeting the needs of these children but we just want to do this little according to our capacity to support their training.

“There is poverty and hunger in the land. School books are very expensive. I even pity those who have three, four, five children, how will they cope? We share in this pain, we are worried too, so the Rumuowegwu Youth Association under my leadership decided to do this little to support these children academically.”

Overwhelmed by what she described as a kind gesture, the headmistress of the school, Mrs. Charity Onuma appreciated the youth group and prayed God Almighty to bless and continue to guide them.

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