June 13, 2024

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In My Childhood Days, People Thought I Won’t Become Anything in Life- Eno

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In an emotion laden inaugural speech shortly after being sworn-in as the new governor of Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno said on Monday that his successes in life, including his emergence as the first citizen of the state was an act of God.


Saying that he would use his new position to improve the living conditions of the people, especially the youths of Akwa Ibom, the governor said the youths should be encouraged in the fact that he could succeed in life.

He admitted that his new office was not what he thought of occupying, some years back.“Standing here this afternoon, my fellow Akwaibomites, and fully conscious of this inspirational moment, I cannot help but get a little emotional. I am in awe of the grace that has located me,

“I am in awe of the blessings of the Lord in my life. If someone had  told me years ago, that I would stand here, as the newly sworn-in governor of this blessed Piece of Godly Real Estate, a State that is appropriately named after God himself, I would have told him to see a physician for doses of malaria or hallucinating drugs, not because I didn’t trust what God can do; not because I was not aspirational,  but  because the circumstance  of existence then,  was to say the least, bleak and uncertain.


“My story is well known to you, but please permit me to repeat some elements, so you will be further inspired by it. I was born in the police barracks and had lost my Father at a very young age and the burden to raise my siblings  and I, fell on my late Mother, a true Amazon, who  went on to instil in us, the virtues and values of hard work, faith in the unchangeable  designs of God Almighty, honesty of purpose and faith in the goodness of the human condition.

“.Life in the police barracks back then was drab and dreary  and all around us, were things that were designed to bring out the worst instincts in us. I was the one most people thought would not amount to anything. No one gave me a fighting chance to succeed.


“But because God’s plans would always confound the wise, I summoned hope and overcame. I could have fallen through the cracks of life, and be swallowed by the gaping hole that we daily encounter; I could have surrendered to some negative tendencies associated with peer-pressure, but I summoned hope and kept my head above the murky waters of despondency.”



Eno was not only grateful to the immediate past governor, Udom Emmanuel for making his ascension to the throne possible, he also expressed appreciation to the likes of Chief Assam Assam, the DG of his campaign organisation.


He said: “To the leadership of our great party, the PDP, especially the Chairman, Elder Aniekan Akpan and the entire State  Working Committee, thank you for  standing by me, To the Campaign Council, especially my D.G. H.E. Ambassador Assam Assam,. thank you for the long hours you put in.



“My dear Akwa Ibom people, as I accept this onerous task to open another chapter of the glittering and continuous story of our growth, development, peace and unity of our dear State and our people, I want you to be inspired by my story.


“To those of you who may be struggling to put food on the table, if I overcame, you too can! To those who may have given up on life because of the circumstances you currently find yourself, if I overcame, believe me, you too can!


“To the youths of Akwa Ibom State, my story is your story. There is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your heart and mind in it. There is no mountain steep or slippery enough that you cannot climb and get to the apex if, to quote the inspirational words of my Political Father and my worthy Predecessor, His Excellency,  Mr. Udom Emmanuel “the passion is right.”


“My worthy Predecessor, H.E. Udom Emmanuel had commenced the digitalization of the Civil Service. We will complete the process of E-governance. We will priotize the welfare of our civil servants and encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship in line with our Dakkada spirit.


“We will work hard to ensure that we build our people, by expanding opportunities for growth in  business, leisure and tourism. We will continue to attract foreign investors by creating a business-friendly environment for investors to come live, invest and enjoy the Happy Hour that comes with hard work


“We will A.R.I.S.E together, to ensure that our public schools are equipped and staffed by teachers who are passionate and dedicated. Our children must be taught the new ways of the world, which revolves around ICT and entrepreneurial skills,


“We will continue to invest in healthcare delivery services, power, tourism, human capacity development, youth and women empowerments. We have been blessed with world-class infrastructure, now is the time to  accelerate our economic growth and the development of our people. I ask you to A.R.I.S.E,. with us and lets usher in the Golden Era for our dear State and our people.”


He urged all Akwa Ibom, including those who ran the election against him, to join him in the task of building Akwa Ibom, saying, “elections are over, and our kindred spirit must be renewed and deepened, We are all Akwaibomites first before politics. Politics therefore must not separate or sever the ties of our brotherhood and common heritage and aspirations,

“I pledge to you that I will be Governor for all Akwaibomites, irrespective of political persuasions or affiliations. I call on our people to come together, and let’s build s State where the pain of one Akwaibomite is the pain of all, and where the success of one Akwaibomite is the success for all. We have been too polarized by politics, This should not be. As I said in my Victory Speech, we will set up a bi-partisan reconciliation committee soon, so we can jaw-jaw instead of war-war on critical issues of our development, unity and brotherhood.”

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