January 24, 2022

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I’m Up For Big Brother Naija – Blue Sea

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Uchechukwu Umunakwe Nwangwa, popularly known as BlueSea has left Nigeria for Ghana. The fast rising award winning music artiste, movie producer and actor says he is warming up for the prestigious Big Brother Naija show next season.
The dude who said he left Nigeria to Ghana for greener pasture spoke with EDITH CHUKU from Ghana.

I know you as Blue Sea, Let’s know more about you?
Seriously? Well, I am Uchechukwu Umunakwe Nwangwa aka Bluesea like you know, of Black Media Afrika, a graduate of Mass Communication.
Wow! These names sound ancestral, you bear all of them?
(Laughs), ancestral you said, so I inherited them abi? Uchechukwu is my name, Umunakwe is my father’s name and Nwangwa is my family name (Laughs), Ok? Right, I’m a Nigerian.
Glad to hear that?
Yes, I’m a Nigerian; no denial, a native of Umuomei in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State, a music artiste, an actor and of course a producer, but I major more in music.
Why did you leave Nigeria for Ghana?
Well, you need to see for yourself, Ghana has actually shaped my career, Ghana has given my brand a meaning, that’s why, it feels much better here than back home. That’s it.
So, Nigeria frustrated your career?
Eeeeeeem, Well, somehow, to a large extend. After searching for job for years, I settled for teaching. I taught for years, the pay wasn’t encouraging and my career was in wreck. So I had to leave the country for greener pasture.
Are you saying that the entertainment industry in Ghana is waxing much better than Nigeria?
I wouldn’t say that but there’s something significant about the industry here, you can become a star from any angle, and once you become, it circulates all over the country. I will give the credit to the complex nature of the country. Information flows to all regions at same time, that’s also how it is in making of a star here. The media here is also effective and independent, so I owe it also to them.
You, In Big Brother Naija next season, is that a rumour?
No, it’s not; I’m warming up for Big Brother Naija full time by God’s grace.
For the 60m?
(Laughs), well, the 60m is part of it. The money is an incentive but that’s not all. I have the mandate or should I say the urge to care for people especially children, so I need a platform to launch this campaign and Big Brother happens to be one of the best platforms for it.
How long have you been doing music?
My career started way back as early as 7. At the age of 11, then I was in Sureway Montessori School, I began writing songs. Music is an integral part of me, it is in my blood, it runs in my veins. My father is a musician, so that is how it passed to me. I’m a revolutionist, I intend to use my music to give hope to the hopeless, comfort the weary and also help Africa to grow mentally and otherwise. I desire to be remembered in history like Lucky Dube, Bob Marley and so many other seeds of Black, so I named my brand Immortal. I don’t club, am not also condemning it, just that I grew up in a family with a very high moral standard.
What are your major challenges in the industry?
My major challenge in the industry, I will say is money because the industry requires lots of funding. Secondly, support from people around me which could be inform of encouragement.
What’s the latest?
My tracks; Better Day, a hip hop song, while the second which has won me the best artiste of the week, courtesy of Ashaiman TV, is Ashaiman We Dey. I also have some others like Forgive Me, Successful and so many others
Any plan of returning to Nigeria any moment soon?
Coming to Nigeria can only be on an invitation, possibly for a show.

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