July 25, 2021

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I’m Not Ashamed Of Selling Pure Water – Gospel Artiste

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PH based gospel artiste, Precious Chinomso Edwin aka Apostle of Worship is an uprising artiste, a new bride in the entertainment industry. Shockingly, Edwin is a pure water distributor in Port Harcourt. The dude uses Toyota van to distribute pure water in major parts of Port Harcourt. EDITH CHUKU was with him when he marked his birthday last weekend and had this interview.
Gospel artiste and pure water distributor… how does that blend?
It’s cool, much better than gospel artiste- kidnapper, gospel artiste- armed robber, gospel artiste-rapist. I know that’s what makes news for you guys.
Are you comfortable with?
(Cuts in) No, but I’m okay. It’s descent, a source of livelihood. I’m cool.
Are you not embarrassed carrying pure water bags?
(Cuts in) I’m not. Come on, it is business. I’m okay with what I do, if not, I would have quit long ago.
And you’ve never been embarrassed before?
This girl, you want to remove something from my mouth abi? Pure water distribution, this business is my means of earning, meeting needs, paying my bills, my fees and supporting my career in addition to the proceeds that come from my career.
But have you ever felt ashamed doing this business?
I can’t be ashamed of what puts food on my table and pays my bills. Music is my magic, music has been very productive so far, but I can’t depend solely on that for now. Honestly, initially when some fans approached me, I felt like jumping into a lagoon; but they acted so excited to see me. I remember one certain time I almost denied myself before a fan, like, you are the gospel artiste; No, No, I mean yes, I am (laughs) that tells how difficult it was for Peter in the Bible.”
Do you enjoy carrying pure water around?
No, I mean for now yes, for now. I do the business because it gives me the opportunity to preach the gospel to people and also gives me time to attend to other things especially my musical career.
Has your boss’ ever slapped you?
Jesus! Eh.
Maybe in the course of an argument, misunderstanding and she was upset?
Not at all, I respect her, do my job diligently and that’s it.
What’s new with you?
It’s my birthday, happy birthday to me, my tracks; Unique Ministration, Transformation, Appreciation Worship, all produced by Ejimax Music production; I attend Bible School at Overcomers Bible institute and seminary, I did a diploma at Salvation Ministry, I’m just keeping up to ensure I manifest all that God imbibed in me. My mum has been my greatest support system and I’m certain it will only work out for the best.

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