June 13, 2024

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I Was Born Into A Royal Family But I Didn’t Allow It Enter My Head-Love Egbona

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Mrs. Love Egbona, an evangelist and wife of Dr Alex Egbona, the member representing Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency of Cross River State, turned 51 last week. The birthday came a few weeks after the husband won the court ordered rerun election into the House of Representatives. ROSE IDO spoke with her on her life and growing up days.
What is life like at 51?
Life has always been interesting. But at 51, life has become more interesting than before. For instance, at 51, I am not just the daughter of the crown prince and soon- to- be- king of the land of Ekureku. I am also today the Queen of Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency. So as you can see, God has been faithful and life has been beautiful.
To God who has made this day a success, may his name be praised; and to my better half who also has always been my strength, God bless you. And to my children, you will continue to make me proud.
This interesting episode would not have come to pass without the support of Abi/Yakurr women, especially the women of Ekureku who stood on their ground to offer me victory in the rerun election as my 51st birthday gift. My prayer is that God will continue to bless them for me.
It is a Thanksgiving birthday; so, I will use this opportunity to thank my siblings who throughout the journey, have been so supportive of me.
What was growing up like for you, and what fun memories can you remember?
Growing up was exciting, especially as the first grandchild and the second female in the family. My grandmother has just one daughter. So coming in as the second woman brought so much joy to them and I was so pampered and cared for by everyone.
I am from a royal family and by his grace my father is the next king of Ekureku community. I met my grandfather as king of the community. So you can imagine how much love and attention I must have enjoyed from the family and those in the community. Growing up was indeed exciting. Despite the love and care, I was quite disciplined because my parents are disciplinarians even though, according to David in the Bible, as a child I behaved at some point as a child. But I kept my head up and did not disappoint my parents. I am from a Christian home which is evident in the way I live my life as a God fearing woman, kind, humble and hard-working, all of these are a result of my up-bringing.
How do you cope as the wife of a famous politician with the crowd around you every day
I am used to it. It will not be wrong of me to say that by marriage, I am equally a politician, one that has understudy how to manage people from a political guru like my husband.
I have watched him adopt in everyone he comes across as a family and as the woman of the house, it is my duty to take care of my husband’s family whether by blood or not. So as it is everyone that walks in through that gate to this compound is a family and I am always pleased to have them around.
My husband’s political activities on the other hand have paved ways for me as an evangelist of the gospel to reach out to so many people in the society especially the needy amongst us, which I am so grateful to God for that.
What does God mean to you, and what does your husband mean to you?
God means life to me; he is our source, our defender. In fact, he is good, not just to me, but to my husband and the children too. My husband, on the other hand, is my confidant, my pride, my world and my king. I am grateful to God for giving him to me as my husband. He is full of life, wisdom and understanding and I love him so dearly.

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