May 26, 2022

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I Was Asked To Buy 15 Cows To Denounce Cultism – Uprising Producer

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Jesuspet Ukah is an uprising Nollywood Movie production manager and an actor. The dude as been featured in few stunts where he displayed the character of a chief priest, and in some cases, a pastor. He spoke with EDITH CHUKU in this interview where he made shocking revelations of himself.

Tell me, what don’t I know about you?
First, you tell me what you know about me.
You are an uprising actor, a movie production manager, best at playing the role of a native doctor.
(Laughs) are you sure that is me?
I’m positive, so tell me, what’s your story that will inspire those who do not know that part of your past?
This is more like the Deeper Life digging deep, not just an interview. Well, for the purpose of saving lost souls, I will tell my story. It’s the first time it’s going to be heard and read by larger number outside the church setting. It’s my story and I use it to convert souls to God, especially younger generation. I was a cultist.
A cultist?
Yes, I was. I joined cultism around the age of 13. I left my parents when I was nine years old. No one forced me, I was not converted into it, I decided on my own and went in, I also decided and pulled out when I met Jesus.
How did you take such a decision at such a tender age?
I had fears, I felt lonely, I felt scared, I felt I was running out of life, I was frustrated, suffocated. You won’t really understand, I looked innocent, so you would never had believed it. I was that kind of child that parents in my neighbourhood wanted their children to emulate, I was hardworking, I was a survivalist.
What were the things you would say you benefitted from being a cultist?
Nothing, just waste of life; though I realized one important thing, that nothing evil favours me, I can’t succeed in anything that is bad, it doesn’t favour me at all.
Though tender, I’m sure you derived some kind of joy from it?
No. It increased my insecurity, it corrupted my thoughts, I felt endangered, I felt exposed, it was not easy but I knew that place was not for me.
Was that why you pulled out?
I pulled out because it’s the opposite of what I envisaged; but most importantly I met Jesus.
Was it that easy for you to denounce?
I went in on my own, when I was to leave, they requested I buy 15 cows, I couldn’t even afford a stick of cigarette because I was saving everything I had, yet they demanded for 15 cows, Jesus saved my soul. God saved me.
Did you hurt anyone?
Yes, I did. I did hurt God, I did hurt my family and myself, it was a period of total waste for me. I’m glad I realized it. I was a little boy, went astray and was led back on track.
What’s your saddest memory?
Losing my dad on 18th September 2006. My dad’s death killed me, till today; I still mourn him. Again, around 2011, I lost a dear friend.
Anything more to say?
Yes, I do have something to say. Cultism makes one unsecured, it increases your fears, reduces your usefulness, it makes you very busy over inappropriate things, I didn’t stay for long, I left it as a child but I know how it felt. Please, if you are in it, pull out, you have to. Christ is more than ready to give you a new identity, pull out and be saved.
How about education?
Took a break after my National Diploma, dad is gone so I needed to put few things in place before I continue.
Briefly, tell us about your career?
I bless God, His wisdom, leadership has made me better, I am grateful I found this life in Christ. It means more and has made more sense than my entire existence put together. Accepting Christ turned me into this new man that Heaven is celebrating.

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