January 24, 2022

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I Was Almost Burnt To Death For Crime I Didn’t Commit

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The CEO of Tipstago Inc, Ambassador Chidera Victor would have decomposed by now. He was thoroughly beaten by an angry mob in Aba who gathered tyres and got petrol to burn him to ashes over a crime he did not commit. Victor shares his story with TNN.

Hear him:

It was 19th September, 2017. I was heading to Umuochichi at Aba. While in the bus, there was this lady backing her child, so, I was playing with the baby.
Immediately I arrived my destination, came down from the bus, I started hearing thief oooh, thief oooh, thief oooh, from behind, I was so terrified, thinking the thief was behind me. So, I started running for my dear life.
But, the more I ran, the more the crowd behind me increased their speed, desperate to catch up with me. So, I stopped, only to discover that the angry crowd was running towards me, I was very confused, I didn’t understand what was happening, Before I knew it, planks have started landing on my body with heavy blows and slaps.
What’s my offense? I asked, ‘shut up’, they screamed, ‘you are a thief.’ You can’t imagine how I felt; you certainly can’t imagine what a terrible nightmare that day was for me.
I am innocent ooo, I am innocent ooo, I am innocent ooo; I kept shouting, but trust Aba boys, with ‘thief’, you are liable to be burnt to death.
While the beating continued, I looked at the crowd, hoping to find someone that knows me. Before I took my last breath, the only familiar face was the lady I was playing with her baby in the bus. Unfortunately, she kept shouting thief, thief, that I stole her money. Jesus Christ, I couldn’t even say that aloud because my voice was gone.
I saw a group of people approaching angrily with fuel and tyre. I managed with my last strength and shouted “I’m innocent, I didn’t steal any money”. After shouting that, I gave up.
When my eyes opened again, I thought I was awaiting judgment, but no, I was at the hospital; I was told the lady found the money hidden in her purse.
I was shattered, crushed. The lady and some passengers were pleading with me. Indeed Grace saved me but what do I do to forget this horrible experience?

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