May 26, 2022

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I Prefer To Remain Poor Than Do Secular Music – Gospel Artiste

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Promise Nathaniel, aka music lord, says he rather remained a local gospel artiste than a globally known secular musician.
The artiste spoke with TNN after his ministration last Sunday in an event. According to him, being in the gospel ministry for five years now, with very little to show for, has not swayed him, rather has increased his confidence in God.

Nathaniel who affirmed that he would not go into secular music added: “I understand the angle you are coming from; it’s been recurring. Everyone seems to be interested in why I have not drifted to secular music. Some say with your voice, ideas and style, you will blow easily, popular artiste like Flavour would want a collabo.
“I used to feel thankful when I hear these things and the major thing I always remind them is that the voice is not mine, God blessed me with this talent to praise him, to work in his vine yard, so no matter how long it takes, I rather remain a local church gospel artiste than a globally known secular artiste who is spiritually wallowing on doom’s path.
“ I love gospel music, that’s what I’m made for, people love and appreciate my voice because I do gospel and it sounds perfect, they will not recognize it if I do secular, trust me.”

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