July 25, 2021

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I Hate To Talk About My Growing Up Days, Says Calabar Tv Presenter

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The human nature they say is governed by their imagination so when the creative imagination combines with the passion to perform and create a fashion that stand you out in what you do is there, there is bound to be a high level of achievement mostly for those in the entertainment world. Such is the story of Radio and TV presenter, comedian and model Teddy-Edet Ekong Etta, the host of Uyai, whose sense of fashion has earned him the attention of many within and outside Cross River State.

In an exclusive interview with Rose Ido, Teddy who recently emerged secretary Comedian Guild of Cross River State reveals how growing up without his father affected him.

May we get to know you?
My name is Teddy-Edet Ekong Etta, ceremoniously known as MC Ted, the host of UYAI, a model, celebrity stylist, writer, TV and Radio presenter and a chef. I am the only child of my mom and the first child of my parents.
Who is Teddy?
I don’t like talking about myself because a lot of people feel that anytime I have to talk about me I used to talk off my achievements, I am a young Efik boy who is trying to make sure that I build a different view of how people see entertainment, I’m trying so much to create a craft that is different from the regular, I work with a proverb that says” to make yourself who you ought to be, you need to break from the norm.” So naturally, I call myself the not regular star because I am building a craft that is far from the regular.
A picture of you in boxer was seen everywhere on the internet early this year, what was that about?
Hmm! I am one of the most stylish comedians, TV and radio presenter you have in the whole of south- south, but the truth is a lot of times I don’t give people what they expect of me, a lot of people want to see me in my tuxedo and in my Ankara but I love to spring surprise at every one. The inspiration for the last shot we did for UYAI in the last edition was as a result of the struggle I did for a magazine that didn’t come out.. That picture was to interpret that struggle and how far we have gone in the business so it came up with me coming out as a naked person that if you noticed in that picture down there, I was with boxers while up here I was style in my tuxedo so that was a scripture I was trying to push out to the world, but that didn’t come out well with a lot of people who didn’t see it well and those who frowned at it. It was on all social media platforms.
How was growing up for you?
I don’t like talking about my growing up because I came from a broken home and stayed almost all my life with my mom, Someone once made a statement somewhere to me and he said you are always talking about your mom even when they is a father that is paying your bills, why? But you see the person most times you are always with, the person you always share your experiences with is most time the person you want to be fun with, so to every time that I am always talking about my mom doesn’t mean that I don’t have a father but since I grew up with mom am just so fun of her.
How was life to you without your father?
I always wished to have my mom and dad together on the same dining table with me and because it never happened at some point I became traumatized because I didn’t have what I wished for but that didn’t stop me from pushing what that did for me was to put my life out and to ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes my mom and dad made.
Was there a point when you felt your father’s absence?
I didn’t really feel it because a lot of people came in to fill that space. My mom is from a large family and we live in the family compound so my aunties and uncles immediately fill in the gap that’s just the part of me that I will say God favoured me with because my mom’s family took over the responsibility of catering for my needs that I didn’t even have a space for my dad again but definitely you see I missed my dad because like they say ” blood is thicker than water” those people filled in but there were low times when me and mom needed dad to have been around for us but he was married already and was okay.

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