May 26, 2022

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I Don’t Need Artificial Boobs

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Queen Precious Justus aka Presh is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of the prestigious Miss Glamour Rivers State. She is also the face behind Presh Model Foundation.
In this interview with EDITH CHUKU, the beauty queen spoke on her selling point in fashion and beauty business.

Apart from facial beauty, what else do you posses?
First, let me categorically say that my facial beauty is the least, my selling point is my moral value. I am very sexy and attractive but my moral values have been my advantage.
Speaking of being sexy, what part of your body do you think men are mostly attracted to?
What? (Laughs) My brain. The whole of my body is very sexy but my brain, character, attitude is the sexiest.
By October 4, your fate will be decided in the Uncaged Africa Reality TV Show, how do you feel?
Confident. Hopeful that I will make it to the contest, it’s a huge one; it will be a life and career turning moment for me once I make it to the house.
Prices to be won are worth over N7million. Do you think you have what it takes to win?
Yes, I do. All we enjoy are privileges, opportunities and once received, we give it our very best shot. I have God, great family, fans, good character, I’m hardworking. I wouldn’t want to blow my trumpet, just wait till we get there.
Can you pose nude if that’s what it takes to win?
Nudity is not fashion, nudity has no place in pageantry and it can never be criteria for winning. Appearing nude is not what fashion is to me.
How have fashion and beauty business been with you?
Great, I’ve been fairing well, fashion and beauty business have been paying good time, it’s no regret for me, its path defined, destiny on accomplishment and fulfilment.
Have you felt intimidated by people with big boobs and buttocks?
(laughs) sometimes, (laughs) no, I’m perfect this way. I’m loved, mine is big enough, (laughs).
What inspires you?
Holy Spirit, the hunger to give, knowing I’ve received so much of love, care, trust from so many; my family, community, friends, elderly, that’s more than enough inspiration for me. My father taught me while growing up in our local dialect that proper home training is the beauty of a woman. So, I grew with it, only it made me beautiful.”
You’ve been a judge, an instructor in numerous beauty pageant shows, how would you feel if you lose?
I always tell my girls, that losing doesn’t make you a failure, when you lose, you learn to become better, why talk about losing? I have complete faith in my fans, my people, Nigerians and the world at large, I know definitely that I will be in that show and believing God that it will be nothing less than victory.

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