June 13, 2024

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How Senate Committee On NDDC Handled Maxwell Oko At Screening

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Last Thursday, members of the senate committee on NDDC screened the president’s nominees for membership of the board. This is how the screening went, when they took on Maxwell Oko, the Executive director designate, finance and administration:
My name as it is in the CV is Maxwell Oko. I come from a community called Otuasega, an oil bearing community that has Shell operating there and Agip pipeline criss-crossing.
I was born in 1974, December 13. I am purely a home boy; had my primary and secondary education in Otuasega. I studied at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology and again Mr. Chairman, I am glad to say that my senior I met in school, a member of your committee- because I read Architecture and he was my senior from Rivers State though- I’m happy to see him as a member of your committee, Senator Sekibo.
Upon graduation, I left for University of Jos to continue my masters degree, in the process I was called to serve Nigeria’s first energy minister when the government of former president Olusegun Obasanjo merged the ministry of petroleum and ministry of power to form ministry of energy. I was his SA and as the government just came to an end, I was called to serve in Bayelsa, first as commissioner of youth conflict resolution and employment generation, maybe because of my background as youth leader that was involved as pioneer founders of the Ijaw Youth Council, with its agitation that led to the formation of the NDDC. At least I was involved in the discussions that took place in Rivers State Government House with former president Olusegun Obasanjo that the NDDC was established.
And after then, I was now made commissioner of energy in Bayelsa where I served for again four years and thereafter, I went into private business. I currently run the Erascop group that is involved in oil and gas, assets security, engineering, procurement and construction.
Senator Degi-Eremienyo Endorses him
I represent Bayelsa East senatorial district. Mr. chairman and members of this honourable committee, including Oloibiri. As you all know, that is where oil was first found in 1956 in Nigeria, and I want to confirm here and now that he is one of my constituents and we are all from the Oloibiri area.
I know him as a man of integrity and enormous capacity and I believe that it is on that note that Mr. president has found him worthy to be appointed as one of the nominees, as one of the executive directors for this current board that is about to be reconstituted.
He is a man of honour and integrity, he’s an illustrious son of Bayelsa State and I have confidence in him, the people have confidence in him. I can assure Mr. Chairman and members of this committee that if by the special grace of God the committee confirms him fit and worthy to be an executive director(finance and administration), he’s going to do very well. What is expected of the board is to be responsive and cooperate with the senate committee and of course House of Reps. I expect that, by that I mean synergy, cooperation in terms of oversight function, will definitely be actualized. I thank you, I thank you.
Another committee member speaks
Oloibiri is very attractive, very, very attractive for obvious reasons, as far as the oil and gas industry in this country is concerned. So Mr. Chairman, the man who is representing him has spoken. Sekibo who knew him many, many years ago…so Mr. Chairman, I also believe in the capacity of the young man nominated to head the finance subsector in the NDDC. So, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ve gone through his CV and there is nothing, no conflicting dates, and no conflicting facts, no conflicting figures. So, I also endorse the nominee, Mr. Chairman. Thank you for the opportunity.
He’s a serious minded person, he has the same kind of looks like the chairman himself and he is like somebody who wants to achieve results, especially in the image that the NDDC has now, a very terrible image of NDDC. People like this can change it and make it for better as director of finance and, so, I hope I’m speaking the mind of all the senators here that this man should rise and take a bow and go.
Senate committee Chairman
We have noted, first, your opening speech; you said you were one of the people or persons that engaged the former president that led to the establishment of NDDC. That shows that you have passion and you want NDDC to succeed and you want to change the narratives in the NDDC. Is that correct?
Maxwell Oko: Yes Mr. Chairman
An auditor has come forward to testify to your capacity and ability to do good things if you are cleared. And all the other senators feel that the command effect of where you come from, your person as an activist and as one of the founding members who discussed this issue that you have special interest and you want the NDDC to succeed and to achieve the purposes for which the commission was set up. It’s on that note we want to give you one singular privilege and that privilege, please don’t abuse it, take it as a challenge and make sure that the NDDC succeeds, so stand up, take a bow. Thank you.

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