December 2, 2023

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How Bayelsans Will Disgrace Desperate Politicians at November Poll-Diri

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Still basking in the euphoria of his emergence as candidate of the PDP for the November 2023 governorship election in Bayelsa State, the governor, Senator Douye Diri has spoken of his agenda for continued development of the state when he gets back to office.

While appearing as guest on an Arise News morning programme on Thursday, Diri also spoke on the plans of his government to tackle flooding in the state and also boost the state’s economy to take the people from poverty to prosperity.

He said it was unfortunate that some people were yet to appreciate the gains of his government and were desperately working to pull him down. He said such people would be disgraced in November when the people would file out to elect their governor.

He said through investments in agriculture, various skills acquisition programmes and support for small scale businesses, his administration created jobs outside the state’s civil service.


While admitting that there are a few roads in the state capital that still need attention, the governor stated that so far more than 30 new concrete roads have been constructed apart from the on-going and completed big-ticket road projects to open up the state and link up communities.


Responding to a question on the state’s internally generated revenue, he advocated for the practice of true federalism in the country, which he said would boost the revenue of the state.


He however informed that an economic summit will soon be held to chart a new course for the state’s economy.


On the issue of flooding, the Bayelsa helmsman said a flood and erosion control agency has been established with the responsibility of proffering holistic solutions to the menace.


He said when the agency is fully functional, the issue of flooding in the state will be better handled and that the administration was committed to preventing past ugly occurrences.


On the governorship election, Governor Diri said neither his government nor his party was afraid of any opposition party in the state. According to him, the PDP in the state was more united than before and was ready to face any candidate presented by the opposition in the election.


His words: “Those who are power hungry will always come from the viewpoint of attack. Like I said, there are some who have eyes but cannot see.


“If you come to Bayelsa today, you will notice and experience peace and security, which had eluded the state.


“Bayelsa State is the goose that lays the golden egg. Let us operate a proper federalism and see whether our IGR will be low.


“In terms of employment, government has decided to encourage our people to be self-employed and look in the direction of the private sector. We set aside N100m monthly to support small businesses in the 105 wards in the state.


“We have also encouraged our youths to engage in sports to develop and use their potential. On security, we have equally made good progress.”


Responding to a question on roads, the governor said: “Any Bayelsan who says our roads are not plyable is lying. We have built roads. Yes, there are some roads that need the attention of government but that is not to say we have not done anything in that regard.


“We are ready for whoever will emerge from the primaries of other parties. But like I said, we can no longer depend on violence to clinch power. Power comes from God.


“Let me assure you that our party is far more united than what we had previously. The PDP won convincingly in the just concluded elections. So, it shows that we are on ground.”

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