September 16, 2021

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Hoodlums, cultists, Thieves On Rampage In PH

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Residents of Port Harcourt have raised the alarm over the continued worrisome activities of suspected cultists and robbers who are making life uncomfortable for them in the oil city.
Recently along the Rumunduru- Rumuodara axis, some cult members pretended to be having issues with one another, just to attract attention in order to rob passersby. A TNN staff that almost fell victim was saved by an elderly man who led her through a bush path.
Just on Wednesday, September 11, a tailor who boarded a taxi from Alakahia to Sterling Bank at Rumuokoro was robbed of a quarter of a million naira and thereafter pushed out of a moving car, while the hoodlums zoomed off.
Richard Okorie whose shop is at Alakahia but resides at Rumuosi told TNN that the whole incident, till date, was like a dream to him.
According to him, “I had that money in my pocket and then was holding N200 for my transport. When I came out of my shop I saw the taxi coming and stopped it. I didn’t know it was going to bring me sorrow, this kind of pain, because I am finished right now, I’m finished.
“Where do I raise N250,000? My rent, I have not paid complete. How much am I making from this business, how much? I am squatting with someone because I don’t have money to rent a shop for myself.
“I feel miserable right now, yes, that’s the truth. In fact, I feel worse than miserable, I feel like passing out at least for one week.”
Okorie added that “the vehicle had a driver and a man in front and one man behind, just before Rumuokoro, the man behind brought out a gun, pointed it on my waist and asked me to surrender everything.
“Before I could say a word, the one in front slapped me, threatening to shoot if I don’t cooperate and the driver was still moving. The guy with me started searching my pocket and took out the money.
“I kept begging them that the money wasn’t mine, instead of giving me at least some of it, the driver slowed down and I was pushed out of the car and they zoomed off immediately. I kept shouting but all people around could do was to gather around and sympathies with me.”

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