June 13, 2024

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Herdsmen Dare Wike, Roam Rivers Roads With Their Cows

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About 24 hours after the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike gave legal effect to the law banning open grazing in any part of the state, herdsmen are still roaming parts of the state with their cows, an indication that they are ready for war with the governor.

On Thursday when the governor signed the bill into law, he had threatened to deal with anybody or group of person who disobey the law.

Wike said it was inimical to development and peace, for any state to condone opening grazing of cattle and added that  cattle rearing is agricultural business and the law, which has specified ranching, is so intended in order to stem clash between herdsmen who go to destroy farmland, crops, and having problems with farmers that lead to fighting and killing of themselves.


“It is no longer a story. All of us know what our people have suffered in terms of this open grazing.  Today all Nigerians have come to accept the reality that open grazing is no longer fashionable. Even our brothers in the north have agreed that it is no longer fashionable.”


But on Friday, TNN observed that some of the cattle rearers were still doing their thing along the Eleme Road, near the Trailer Park, taking their cattle along on the road.


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