January 24, 2022

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“Help! I’ve Visited T.B. Joshua, OPM, Other Prophets But Can’t Still Walk”

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Nine years ago Mr. Collins Ikeme woke up in the morning unable to walk with his legs. Before then, there were no signs that he had any issues with the legs. Since then, he has visited several hospitals, churches and prayer homes as he tries to find a solution to his weak legs. The 38 year old man shares his story with ROSE IDO in Calabar.
These are his words, though edited slightly: My name is Chigo Collins Ikeme. In October 20, 2010, immediately after my morning prayers, I noticed a sign of cool breeze on my legs that made me fall on my bed. I screamed ‘Jesus’ twice and after about three minutes, I discovered that I can no longer stand on my feet again.
I screamed, shouted and was crying at the top of my voice for help, it was then that God gave me the strength to shout louder than my strength could carry me at that moment because initially, I thought it was a minor case. So my 82 year old mother broke into the room and saw me helplessly lying down on the bed.
My mom and I just kept screaming until a pastor within my area rushed into the room and prayed for me. I was rushed to a nearby general hospital. After one week, it was discovered that I have a fraction on my knees so I was taken to an orthopaedic hospital where I spent a month and three days. It was during that time that the doctors discovered that I have stroke, that medically cannot be treated and since then I have been unable to walk.
I have visited so many prayer homes for solution, like TB Joshua in Lagos, Mercy land in Warri, Delta State, OPM in Rivers State to mention but a few.
As a young person who has started progressing before this ugly incident, I feel horrible. I lost my father at the age of 15. This my present condition has affected my life and plans badly, just imagine that at my age, it is my aged widow mum who still bath me, feed me because I cannot move my hands, brush my teeth, wash my clothes and flush the toilet for me, at her age.
I used to work in a company as a trained tiler until this strange illness happened to me and took away my joy, my job and my freedom.
I need help both in prayers and financially because I still believe that someday, I will be able to walk again. This situation has run my family down financially. My aged mum and I only survive from what we get from friends and church donations.
I was told there is a hospital somewhere in India that can handle this condition, but right now, I don’t have the money to travel there or even settle such bills that going to a hospital like that will require of me. I need to walk again and relief my mother of the pain she is silently undergoing.

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