December 6, 2023

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Help! I Need To Return To Football Field –Bed-ridden Yenagoa Boy

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Three years ago, Mr. Samuel Ereke, from Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State was involved in a ghastly motor accident around the Gateway Church, Eliparanwo, Port Harcourt. Since then, his life has not remained the same.

Ereke, a graduate of Environmental Biology from Niger Delta University NDU, Bayelsa State, who resides in Port Harcourt with his family, is in dire need of N4,000,000.00 to undergo a surgery on his hips, to enable him walk again.
He spoke with EDITH CHUKU in this exclusive interview, where he appealed to individuals, groups, organisations, government to come to his aid, saying he is tired of being a burden to his parents.


How and when did this happen?
In 2018, I was involved in a motor accident; it happened at Eliparanwo road, around Gateway Church in Port Harcourt here. I was in a tricycle, a taxi was trying to overtake on a high speed. So, with that speed, he ran into us. It was very terrible, it was only by the grace of God that I survived. Since then, I have not been able to use my foot. We’ve gone to different places, both native and all that, we have been massaging but nothing has changed. I have vowed not to give up. But to be honest, I am tired, I can’t help it, I feel more injured seeing my parents suffer like this, taking care of me, when I should be taking care of them.

Was it a hit and run car?
No, it wasn’t a hit and run, they did catch the driver; he was in police custody but the car was not even his own, he was not having anything, they were talking about taking him to court, then my parents were only concerned about how I will survive. They didn’t have time for that court whole thing. So, we had to let go, even the tricycle driver was unconscious for about two weeks. But, I believe he is much better now.

You said you have tried everything, yet nothing changed.
Yes, I have.

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Then, your appeal for four million naira (N4,000,000.00), what is it for?
Around March or April, I was in BMH for check-up and they said I will have to undergo a surgery on my hips to enable me walk properly and they said it will cost us four million naira, and we don’t have such money.

My dad is not doing anything for now. So, that’s why I decided to come to the public to seek support. We are three in the family and I am the first. My parents did everything to see me through school, they gave everything believing that when I graduate I will lift some burden off their shoulders, but see me, I am now a worse burden than I was while in school. My dad is a sailor, their company has issue, for about five years now, he has not been working, we have just been sustaining by the grace of God.

Since you made this appeal, has there been any response?
Well, individually, they are trying, but for sometime now, coupled with the way things are in the country, it has been difficult. Assistance has not been coming again. This idea of appealing to the general public through social media is a group of friends that are doing it on my behalf.

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You’ve been bed-ridden for three years now, how have you been coping?
It’s just the grace of God. I only go out once in a while and only whenever I am going to church, I don’t go out, my steps are very bad, I can’t walk properly, I walk with the aid of walking stick, and it must be very short distance.

Were you working before the accident happened?
No, I was not working, I had this little business I was using to support myself. I had a football viewing centre; that was what I was using to sustain myself then and assist my family.

What are the things you miss doing by yourself, mostly with your legs?
So many. I used to play football a lot, I miss that seriously. again, I am a music minister, I miss jumping while singing, I miss that too, I miss running errands for my parents. I miss troubling my mum and having her throw something on me while I take to my heels.

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Your mum baths you?
(Cuts in) Noooo! (Laughs) I bath myself, initially everything I do they carry me, but by the grace of God, I can manage myself in the bathroom. See, my parents have suffered enough, they have gone through a lot for me, my siblings, I should be helping now. I am tired of being a burden to them, that is why I am begging, pleading for assistance, support. I need help, this has really been miserable, it breaks my heart still depending on my struggling parents after all they did to see me through school. I want to be their relief not a burden, I want to use my feet like before, that’s my biggest cry.

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