September 27, 2023

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Harvest Of Endorsements For Alex Egbona’s Re-Election Agenda

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Godwin AJOM, who was in Yakurr




For about a week, Dr Alex Egbona, the member representing the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives was in virtually all the wards in Yakurr Local Government of Cross River State, to present himself to the people, ahead of next month’s election.
He is contesting again for the same seat. And wherever he went, his candidacy was endorsed by the traditional rulers and by the people who said he had done so much for them in less than four years.



The paramount ruler of Yakurr and Obol Lopon Ugep, HRH Ofem Ubanah was very direct and blunt in his endorsement of Egbona. He had listened quietly to the coordinator of the visit, who made attempts to eulogise Egbona at the palace of the the Ugep King. As soon as he was done, the Obol Lopon took over and said Egbona needed no introduction in his palace and in Ugep because he has been so good to the people, hence his decision to declare his support for him publicly. He said he had declared his support for the MP in an earlier media interview and that his stance attracted criticisms generally, especially since an Ugep son, John Ifere of the Labour Party, was also contesting for the same position.


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But he told the visitors that he had no apologies for standing by Egbona because, according to him, the man had done well and that his Ekureku village also shared affinity with the Ugep people.
The electricity of endorsement also shone even brighter at Ekori where the paramount ruler described Egbona as a personal friend who would surely go far in his life because he had touched lives in many ways. Saying that he was proud of Egbona, the monarch blessed him and said only the sky would be his limit in his political journey.



Just as it was when Egbona visited the Obol Lopon Ugep, in the company of the speaker of the state house of assembly, the Ekori monarch equally forgot that the speaker was part of the team as a senatorial candidate for the central senatorial district and concentrated only on Egbona. Their aides had to remind them to also talk about the speaker. At Ekori, the comments the monarch made about the speaker were not palatable.


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This is how TNN captured the visits
Ugep is for Alex Egbona- Obol Lopon
The paramount ruler of Yakurr and Obol Lopon of Ugep, HRH Obol Ofem Ubanah has declared that Ugep people’s votes during next month’s election for the House of Representatives seat will be for Dr Alex Egbona.
The traditional ruler said Egbona has done so much for Ugep people and deserved massive support.



He said Ekureku, where Egbona comes from, and Ugep, were related and that it was an anathema for the two communities to see each other’s blood.
After making the declarative statement, the revered royal father called out Egbona and blessed him the traditional way, saying nothing would stop his reelection in February.



Some leaders of the APC whoj accompanied him to visit the Obol Lopon had underscored the need to allow Abi LGA to hold on to the seat, since Yakurr had occupied it for 20 years,since 1999.

Cleric Blesses Egbona As Re-Election Campaign Kick-Starts

Inyima, Assiga Communities Endorse Egbona
More communities in Yakurr Local Government Area have resolved to mobilise support for the member representing Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Dr Alex Egbona to enable him return to the National Assembly.



At Inyima community where Egbona visited on Wednesday, Eva Ferdinand Eyo, the traditional ruler thanked the lawmaker for visiting his community and praised him for all that he has done for his people.
He said the people will give him all the needed support in appreciation of his performance.


An APC stalwart and prominent opinion leader from Yakurr, Obol Okoi Obono-obla stated that APC is a party of equity, justice and fairness and noted why Yakurr should support Egbona to return to power, since Yakurr had occupied the seat for 20 years.
Egbona had taken time to remind the community of his achievements since he got to the National Assembly in 2019.


From Nko, A Royal Endorsement For Alex Egbona

The traditional head of Ekum Agoi, Attah Jeremiah J.E. Willie, while receiving Egbona and his team during a visit to the area said his people were tired of bad leaders, but noted that he decided to receive Egbona because he is a different kind of leader. He said his people would support Egbona to enhance his return.



At Agoi Ekpo, there was a carnival of some sort as Egbona got there.
On the terrible nature of their road, he promised to work with the relevant government agencies to fix the road.
He said apart from solar powered lights, he had empowered hundreds of people from the area.



Also on Thursday, Egbona became emotional when he got to the palace of the clan head of Agoi Ibami, HRH Attah Charles Ujom.
He said the community had no reason to be disconnected from other parts of the world because of bad roads.
He lamented despite the rich agricultural potentials of the state, the community had no access road to transport their agro produce. He said he would not rest until the road is fixed.


At Idomi, Egbona Gets Heroic Welcome, Unanimous Endorsements

School Children Celebrate Alex Egbona At Assiga
School children from Assiga, Yakurr Local Government on Wednesday celebrated Dr Alex Egbona as he visited their community to campaign ahead of the 2023 general election.



The children who sang and prayed for Egbona displayed some exercised books they had received from Egbona for their studies.
The lawmaker had made donations of educational materials, including computers to teachers and desks/chairs to pupils in the federal constituency.



As his campaign team entered the community, students and pupils of various schools in the area took turns to celebrate Egbona, even as they expressed the hope that he would win next month’s election to enable him return to the National Assembly.
Youths and women were not left out. They appeared in diverse kinds of uniforms, singing and dancing . The crowd was massive and unprecedented, as an evidence of the wide acceptance of Egbona by the Assiga people.


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At Ekpeti, Egbona and his team were highly ushered into the community from the entrance to the chief’s palace.
The youths chanted songs like, “Alex you don win ooo, winner kpatakpata you go win again ooo, winner”.
Ova Charles Enang, the traditional leader of the ancient town, in company of his chiefs and subjects also blessed Egbona as he visited the palace.



Egbona who was described as the ” talk and do” leader stated that the monarch was his old time friend and promised to attract some projects to the community when he returns to the National Assembly.
intervention, other than the health center he facilitated to the community if elected


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Egbona Gets Blessings From Assiga Trado Head
Dr Alex Egbona, candidate of the APC for the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency of Cross River State received traditional blessings from the clan head of New Assiga Town,Ova Inyang Usang, ahead of his re-election.
Accompanied by the speaker of the state house of assembly, Rt. Hon. Eteng Jones and scores of supporters, the campaign team arrived to a tumultuous welcome by youths and students.



In his remarks, Egbona gave an account of all the things he has done for Assiga people in the last 36months,including empowerment of the people and also promised to ensure the construction of the Ekori-Assiga road,when he returns to the National Assembly.
He said the street lights he attracted to Assiga and the upliftment of some of the people from poverty were part of the 2019 campaign promises which he had fulfilled.



Speaking on Egbona’s promise to with with the state and federal government to fox their road, the monarch said his people will be forever grateful to him.


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You’ll Go Far in Life, Monarch tells Egbona At Ekori Campaign
It was an unusual endorsement for Dr Alex Egbona at Ekori, Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State on Tuesday, when the Obol Lopon of Ekori, HRH Obol Donatus Ibor Ofem poured his heart for the lawmaker in blessings, during a visit to his palace.



Even though Egbona is from Abi LGA, the monarch repeatedly described him as his personal friend who has become very popular and engraved in the heart of people because of his kindness.



The royal father said Egbona would not just win the 2023 House of Reps election holding next month, but that he would go very far in life.
Saying that the sky would he his limit, Ofem expressed appreciation to Egbona for all that he has done for the people of of Ekori.
Egbona had told the monarch that he was in his palace to inform him of his re-election campaigns in his doman.


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He used the opportunity to inform the monarch of some his first term achievements, especially in Ekori, including the training of Ekori people in skills like poultry and fish farming, cassava processing, videography and make-up artistry.
Others include the provision of a full library for a secondary school in Ekorii, as well as the distribution of educational materials and computers to some of the schools.



According to Egbona, the processes for the construction of a housing estate in Ekori was in full gear, to enable civil servants and businessmen have their personal homes on an owner-occupier basis, to repay after many years.
Egbona also spoke on the provision of solar powered street lights and borehole in Ekori.



From Nko, A Royal Endorsement for Alex Egbona
The Obol Lopon of Nko, Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State was full of praised for Dr Alex Egbona on Monday, when the lawmaker who represents the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency in the House of Reps took his campaign for re-election to the area.
The traditional ruler said Egbona behaved like a true representative of the people when he stood by them in their trying times, drawing the attention of the world to their plight in the nads of the military and also giving them money and food when they really needed help.


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For that reason, Egbona got a massive endorsement for his re-election drive from Nko. The traditional ruler said Egbona was the best thing to happen to Nko as a people and noted that the people were really happy with him and would stand by him all the way.
The monarch, with the support of his council of chiefs(Bi-inah) passed a vote of confidence on Egbona and other candidates present, including the speaker of the state house of assembly, Mr Eteng Jones and other candidates of the APC.



Stake holders from both wards of Nko, vis-a-vis Nkpolo/Ukpawen and Abanankpai ward respectively, endorsed the candidates and pledged 100 per cent support for them. They said they could not afford to support someone else, considering all they have benefitted from Egbona.
At Idomi, Egbona Gets Heroic Welcome, Unanimous Endorsements



From natives of Idomi, Yakurr Local Government, including the traditional ruler of the area, the Obol Lopon of Idomi, Obol Eteng Ifere came massive endorsements and blessings for Dr Alex Egbona, the member representing Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency of Cross River State, as he seeks a re-election into the National Assembly.


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Some of the natives who spoke at the formal campaign flag-off of Egbona testified to how they have benefitted from Egbona’s many empowerment programmes and projects and underscored their resolve to work for his return to the same seat.
Esther David, for example, spoke of how she was trained in poultry farming through Egbona whom she never knew. She said she was shocked to have been selected as a beneficiary and noted that her life had changed because of the training she got.




Also speaking in the same vein, Jesam Wilson expressed appreciation to Egbona for also empowering her. The APC women leader, Lady Brinda Ubi extolled the qualities of the lawmaker and said the women of Idomi were together in the resolve to work for Egbona’s success at the poll.



The traditional ruler, while receiving the lawmaker and his team, performed some traditional rites and poured blessings on him. He however appealed to Egbona and the speaker of the state house of assembly, Mr Eteng Jones who is also campaigning to become a senator, to renovate his palace.


From Bayelsa, Hope Rises For Trado Rulers


His request got the immediate attention of the chairman of Abi Local Government, Farathon who promised that the palace will be renovated by him immediately. He actually ordered that sand be supplied there from this night for work to commence on Tuesday.
Leader of Yakurr APC and native of Idomi Community Prof John Inyang appreciated all those turned out for the campaign and assured that Idomi will turn out massively to vote for Egbona and the other APC candidates during the election.




Egbona, while addressing the crowd, drew their attention to all the programmes and projects he was abl to attract to the place since he got to Abuja, including solar powered street lights, solar lights,


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training of Idomi youths and women in cassava processing, fish farming, poultry farming and the donation of computers to community Secondary school, Idomi, distribution of sewing machines, grinding machines et cetera.
He also spoke of the financial assistance to women from Idomi to boost their businesses as well as sponsorship of some of their children in various schools.
The Egbona campaign team visits Abi in February.

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