December 9, 2023

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From Switzerland, What Nigerian Prophet Sees About Obi

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Founder of the New International Church, Apostle John Ekweonu Sagoe has urged everyone to pray for the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, against any form of attack or untimely death.


Addressing his church, he said: “I hear the Lord say we have to pray for Nigeria. And I hear the Lord say, I don’t know why his giving me this revelation because I don’t know if it’s the right audience this morning because am in Switzerland and am speaking to Swiss people and Europeans and I’m receiving this revelation.

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“But I hear the Lord say we should pray for Nigerian’s because 2023 must not be hijacked by the kingdom of darkness because 2023 the Lord is destining Nigeria to be on their way to the most prosperous nation on the planet both spiritually and physically but l hear the lord saying warn Nigerian’s and Nigeria youth, and Nigeria churches this is their last chance and they must take advantage of this chance that the lord is giving to them to make Nigeria a great nation.


“And I hear the lord saying we need to put a strong security from now onwards to the man called Peter Obi that is contesting for Nigeria election for 2023 because the devil will do everything possible to kill that man before 2023 .

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“so therefore God is calling Nigerian’s ,the church to arise and put a heavy security around the man called Peter Obi because the devil is doing everything possible to uproot him before 2023 .This is very serious I don’t do politics but am obedient to heaven.


“I shouldn’t be speaking to the crowd what I just said if it is not arrested and divinely directed and orchestrated by heaven.”

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