December 3, 2021

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From Akpabuyo Pry School, Teachers Cry, Saying Help, Ayade Help!

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As primary school pupils return to their classes for the new academic session, there is an outcry from the headmaster and pupils of St. Peters primary school, Esuk Mbat in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State. They want the state government to pity them and reconstruct their decaying classroom blocks.
TNN visited the school during the week and met some of the teachers who could not hold their tears, as they pleaded with the authorities to arise to their rescue, and for the sake of the children.
The headmaster, Mr. Okon Emmanuel Effiong, who spoke with TNN after hours of persuasion called on the state government to come to the aid of the school which has just two structures, with one completely dilapidated.
Effiong told TNN during the visit to the school that the community had in the past engaged in self effort to improve the infrastructure of the school but had not been able to bring it to standard, adding that the school lacked basic amenities such as water, accessible road and staff rooms.
“This school was built in 1935 by the missionaries. The dilapidated building cannot allow us have effective teaching because its present condition has caused us our primary 4 and 5 classes.
“The dilapidated building you see there has been like that for more than two years and I have written to the state government and to SUBEB chairman to intervene, yet up till date, we are yet to get response from them.
“You have seen it all; the school is just this two buildings with no accessible road into the school premises, no drinking water except for the one we fetch from the stream, and no staff office for my teachers”.
Also speaking, Mr. Okon Effiom Edet, the class teacher of primary five said that the dilapidated school was a death trap to pupils of the school as it could fall at anytime, if nothing was done.
“This particular building was built by the missionaries and cannot stand the test of time anymore. As it stands right now that building is a threat to life because the walls are cracking. I was in that building before the day it finally fell off, I had contacted my head teacher then, he had to make provision for us use the school store and the moment we moved out that weekend the roof of the building collapsed. We are grateful to God that the incident took place on a weekend because only God knows what would have happened to us.
“Like the school head has said, we have been making much effort to see how we can remedy this situation, pictures have been sent based on the government’s instruction; letters have been written to them and the host community of the school even went as far as seeing the board chairman concerning this issue, yet nothing has been done.
“We have been hearing on radio of how government has been so kind in terms of providing educational facilities but this locality has not received anything in terms of infrastructure.
“We are also facing challenges of security. This office was burgled and our things were stolen. This ceiling knocking that you see here was done by our host community. Government should come to our rescue because this is their school and we teachers are trying our best, even with the bad road, to come here just to teach these children.”

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