September 23, 2021

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“Fracas In Rivers AGN Worrisome”

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As the embattled Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN Rivers chapter remains grounded; lacking executives with faction followers, the issue of “Between the major contenders, Comrade Sokari Emmanuel and Bartholomew Gerald Agu-Ugo or others, who is eligible to contest the chairmanship position has continued to linger?”

Stakeholders and members of AGN have continued to bore their mind over the issue, expressing dissatisfaction as the matter remains in the mercy of the court.

TNN entertainment engaged the C.E.O, Young and Excellent Film Production, YAEF, Innocent Okereke in a brief interview. This was his comment: “I am not comfortable, we members and stakeholders are not happy with this ugly development that has persisted, the state of the court crisis is telling on everyone. Since October last year the election was to hold but because of the compromise that is why we are where we are now”.

“AGN is not Nigeria politicians affair, even though executives emerge through elections, it is very sad that an issue regarding this guild will linger to the extent that it will get to court, its worrisome”

“AGNEC and National should share the blame for this crisis, it was their compromise that got us here but my appeal is that everyone should shed their sword, let everything be settled and let AGN Rivers State chapter return to normalcy”.

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