December 4, 2023

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Flood Shuts Down PH, …APC Angry With Wike’s Govt

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Virtually all parts of Port Harcourt, Rivers State and environs have been shut down by flood as a result of the lingering rainfall. The rains started on Thursday, almost all day and started again on Friday morning.

On Thursday, a lot of people had difficulty leaving their homes, as everywhere was flooded. Car owners that found their way into the roads got stuck. A lot of them had to sleep on the road.

By Friday morning, most of the roads were still very tight. From SAS road to GRA, from Choba to the New Airport road, motorists are having difficulty moving from one point to another.

In Diobu, flood water has taken over the major Ikwerre Road, as well as other parts of the heavily populated area. A lot of families have already been sacked from their home.

From Etche, the people are complaining that they have been cut off from other parts of the state. They are finding it difficult to access Port Harcourt because of the flooded roads.

The state government is yet to say anything on the matter. Though, there is no commissioner for environment in the state.


All-Day Rain Wreaks Havoc In Rivers, Bayelsa


The state APC is not happy is not happy with the development. In an interview, spokesman of the party, Chief Ogbona Nwuke said it was unfortunate that the government was not doing anything to tackle the flood, even where enough notice had been given that Port Harcourt was going to suffer heavy flooding.

“It is not difficult to predict weather these days. Science has become more precise. One can tell where it would rain, when it would rain. You can tell where flooding is possible, how long it would take before receding. Areas that fall within floodplains are equally known.

“Bits of information that are available should make it easy for government to plan. This is not usually the case. There are blocked drains which are unable to cope with flood water when the rain falls.

“Government isn’t doing enough to take advantage of advance warning mechanisms; enough to properly channel flood water and reduce the tendency of flooding; enough to enlighten its citizens on the flood menace; enough to protect possible victims; enough to support those in our State impacted by floods.

“There is this feeling, the attitude by the State Government which seems to support the thinking that matters pertaining to the environment and the mishaps that are associated with it should be left to the Federal Government. This is not right, certainly not reasonable. It is not in the best interest of our people.”

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