September 23, 2021

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Fix Our Roads, Drainages, Edim Otop Residents Tell Ayade

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Residents of Edim Otop community are calling on Cross River State government to, as a matter of urgency, rehabilitate their road to ease traffic and enable motorist and pedestrians move freely, especially this rainy season.
Mr. Edet Effiong, a businessman in the area who spoke with TNN on how the road was affecting businesses and residents said: “the deplorable road we have here is very unbecoming because for those of us who have business premises, we have been having a whole lot of decline of patronage by customers, especially for those outside the vicinity that probably would want to use this route to do their businesses but will prefer to go to a place where they could have a motorable road.
Effiong lamented the total negligence of the community on the part of their leaders, saying”our politicians do not use this route they only come here to campaign and give money to some praise singers who sing their praises and raise the necessary votes for them.
A community leader who was seen cleaning and filling some potholes around the community market said “I am praying that one day, God should send someone to come to our aide because we are suffering a lot, as you can see. I am the only person who can stand here working to fix this road so vehicles can pass. But when I work, they say it is Ayade that is working.
“My prayer has always been that the state government should come to our rescue. Yes, elections are over and they do not even remember us again even when we worked for them. This route, it is only buses that pass through it because of the difficulties and challenges it poses to small cars and for pedestrians to use this place mostly on a rainy day is very difficult too.
Victor Bassey, another resident complained of the dirty drainages and how it was seriously affecting the health of the people especially during the rainy season. “This road has been like this for a while now and our leaders are aware because we have written severally to them and we were promised during the campaign period that the road will be fixed in no distant time.
“Yet, there is no sign of improvement since after the election. The dirty drainages and water from the stagnant potholes is affecting us health wise because of bites we receive from mosquitoes coming from there. So this is not just about the road, it is more about our health”.

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