September 23, 2021

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Fans Rap J-Whyte

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Fans of PH based gospel musical stage stunner, Nelson C Joseph aka Igiri J-wyte have described the dude as a big brain but short sighted person.
Speaking with TNN Entertainment gist, Nonso Ibefi aka fish-tail, said “the dude of a truth is talented, he has the voice, he’s a good dancer, great performer but he is quite dull when it comes to his approach towards his career”.
“For the past four years, it’s been Eze-Meka Reloaded, Reloaded, Reloaded, how can a talent such as he not passionately embrace this gift of his?”
Still on the gist, Lagos based Lizzy Fanciful said “I love him, I love J-Wyte so much, I admire his talent but can’t see the passion. He is creative but not open to new things, he has ideas but don’t put them to work, for me. J-Wyte is just a big brain but short sighted.”
On his part, when TNN sought his reaction to the criticism, J-Wyte who was out of town said “I have Aziri nu otu oyo mamnma, Beautiful Jesus, Jara praise medly, Nhoma chiokike ne eme, and many more. The thing is Eze Meka reloaded happens to be my only musical video that is out and has attracted several viewers on youtube but come on, I have over 12 singles; my latest single will be out by September ending.”
He lauded his fans for their support towards his career while promising them for better hits than the trending Eze Meka Reloaded.

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