June 13, 2024

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Excitement In Ogoni Village As Group Restores Water Facility

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Excitement has trailed the restoration of the abandoned water facility in Kala-Oko and Opu-Oko communities of Buako Kingdom, in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State.
Stakeholders of the both communities, including Luuwa and Bianu took turns to applaud the Ken Saro-Wiwa Surveillance Group, led by Nwinyodee Bariyira Bright, for restoring water to the kingdom, which they said has salvaged them from lack of good drinking water.




TNN gathered that for over four years now, the purported federal government water project has not been functional.
Natives and residents of the communities have been depending on the river as their only source of water until the indigenous group, christened Ken Saro-Wiwa group intervened by reinstating the water facility.



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Now, the both communities, including the neighbouring Luuwa and Bianu Communities in Buako Kingdom can now access good drinkable water.
The natives also commended the Nwinyodee led group for restoring peace to the various communities which have been at loggerhead in the past years.
Speaking during a visit to the kingdom, Mr Gideon Deedam from Kala-Oko community said “in this community, if you talk about water, four to five years ago, we don’t know anything about water, unless you go to the river, where the water sometimes is salty, and when it is salty we bear it and take it as salty, even to wash, if you go to that waterside, your soap cannot foam when it is salty.”





As regards restoring peace to the areas, Deedam explained that, “If you come to peace, I rent a house at Akwa Ibom, transfer my people and my property to Akwa Ibom because the thing was very hot, you see all these plantains with bunch, you cannot see them, other people come and cut it and go, you will not see goat inside this community, they captured all those things, even this store you see so, it was a full store, they offload it only one night. So we were seeing different, different kind of characters but for now peace reign, you can put your mattress outside and sleep.”



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Also in an interview, Mr. Prince Beranee told newsmen that “I feel good, when I heard about everything that is happening, I was so amazed, I was happy, and I feel motivated, I am happy about it. Ken Saro-Wiwa Surveillance group, I really want to appreciate them, I want to appreciate the boss, Bright Bariyira Nwinyodee for what he has done so far.





“Ever since this water was brought into this community, we have not been using it, I thank God that gave him that idea, knowledge to fix these whole thing up. We have great men in this community but nothing like this has been done, I thank him so much.”
In Opu-Oko town, Elder Godson Lekia expressed gratitude over the restored facility, the Buako football competition, among others, which he said have contributed immensely to the peace currently experienced in the communities.



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According to the elderstatesmen, “the community is in a very fair condition, everything is going normal, we could imagine, for a longest time now, we have not been seeing water, and there was violence along the way, but now, everywhere is very peaceful. I can recall last December, there was a major competition between the communities of Buako which is a symbol of peace, and as such, the village is going very normal, people are relaxing, going about their normal duties, no hindrance in anyway.”





Attributing the peace restored in the whole Buako Kingdom to the Ken Saro-Wiwa Surveillance Group, the elder urged the government to remember the Ogoni communities.
According to a former Community Development Committee Chairman, Dukor Emmanuel Wiele urged the government to, “as the community stands, the government should put head and call all our youths, there is nobody pursuing anyone in this community, they should come in, then the way they made peace in other communities, they should come into our communities to finalise everything.”




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The leader of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Surveillance Group, Mr. Bright Barinyira Nwinyodee from Opu-Oko Community explained the aim of the group and the vision behind the projects been carried out by them.
He said “the aim of this organization is numerous, I said it is numerous in the sense that we are handling some other issues. First of all, we come out to protect our people, because of the way Ogoni dey now, everywhere you dey hear cultism, kidnapping, armed robbery, like this our own side been worse well well, some years back, so, there is nothing we can do, just to help the government to protect government properties and protect our people as well, so we are really out to end crime and for that reason we fight against kidnapping, we fight against armed robbery, we fight against cultism.





“We are not only fighting against cultism, but we are thinking of a way to end cultism. We have been able to reach out to our brothers who belong to different cult groups to bring themselves together and join this very movement. And one very good thing about this movement is that before you will join this movement, no matter who you are before, you must be a repentant person, that means, you must to change from your old ways.


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“We are looking on how Ogoni can be transformed. If Nigeria was possible for us to transform, we will do it. So all those things you are seeing us doing is something we are starting with, we want to transform the entire Ogoni Kingdom not just our communities. We are just starting it from home, but our vision is to make life very easy for our people.
“The challenges I am having now is the leaders, the leaders of Ogoni, the politicians of our communities.”

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