September 23, 2021

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Excitement In CRUTEC As Shuttle Bus Returns

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While many students take the availability of school shuttle for granted, students of Cross River University of Technology who knows how frustrating it is to spend time trekking from the school gate to the various departments, hostels and lecture venues especially during the rainy season have applauded the school’s management for restoring campus shuttle after two years of dismissing it.
Alfred John, a 200 level student of the institution has expressed gratitude to the school management and the Students Union Government president for bringing back campus shuttle.
“It was very disappointing to me especially during the rainy days when we used to trek from the school gate down to our lecture venues. The restoration of the school transportation system is liberation to us because students can now freely get to their lecture venues on time. Kudos to the entire SUG body for working with the school management to ensure that the students welfare is their number one priority”.
Vivian Charles also said” it was very stressing moving from the school gate to various Departments and venues of lecture, but since the shuttle was returned we have been relieved of the stress and that has made life interesting and comfortable for us here on campus”.
A shuttle driver, Mr. John Elijah, who narrate his ordeal driving outside the school environment thank the school management for bringing back campus shuttle which has according to him saved him from the embarrassment of road workers” we came back to the school on the 1st of July since then, I have been so relieved because the embarrassment outside there is too much at least there is nothing here like embarrassment of any kind from road workers.
Mrs. Emmanuel, a resident of CRUTECH community also applauded the school’s management for restoring the transportation system within the school saying” before now it was very stressful , it wasn’t easy at all especially when we buy things on our way from the market then you have carry your load on your head from the school gate down to the community, it was very stressful, so I thank the school authority for restoring the transportation system”.

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