June 13, 2024

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Eneka Is Open To Investors – New CDC Chairman

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Following the expiration of the tenure of the Charles Woko led Eneka community development committee (CDC) in Apara Kingdom of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Mr Bestman Worlu has emerged the new CDC chairman of the Eneka clan. Worlu spoke with EDITH CHUKU in an interview during the official opening of his new office. Here, he reaffirmed his commitment to his people, made an open invitation to investors, called on government to rehabilitate dilapidated internal roads in the clan, electricity, among other issues.

You’re barely a month in office as the new CDC chairman of Eneka Clan, how would you describe the position?
For me, it’s not a position, it’s an opportunity/privilege given to me to serve my people. Being the CDC chairman was not by my making, the people spoke, God confirmed, that’s why I am here. So, as a servant, the needs of the people and how to move Eneka forward to an enviable height in all ramifications is our greatest priority.
What runs through your mind whenever you remember your predecessor, Charles Woko?
Well, he has done the best he could during his period in office. One problem we have in governance today is that rather than perform, rewrite a wrong, people keep blaming, throwing stones. Sometimes, it’s necessary but most times moving forward is always the best option, but with the help of God, cooperation from my executives and the entire clan, Eneka will experience rapid
development in all ramifications. Our administration can do much more with the people’s support and prayers.
So, if you want to describe the CDC you inherited, what would you say?
That my predecessor has done his part like others before him. It’s now our turn to set legacies and impact positively in all ramifications, there’s no point complaining over the system we inherited, we’re determined to restoring hope and confidence of our people in governance. Excuses and blame is no longer what they want, we made promises to our people and we are poised to fulfilling those promises and there’s no going back.
Speaking of your transformation agenda, what areas have your administration mapped out that you are sure in less than no time will be achieved?
Recall that successive administrations operated from their individual bedrooms and private offices. Before we came on board, we assured our people that we’ll run the affairs of the clan in an official office, that it will no longer be business as usual. Today, that promise has been actualized in less than our one month in office. We did assure our people that we will embark on a wide range sensitization. Change of orientation is the key to development. When the people’s mindset is positive, then they’ll begin to obey law and order. By that, peace will be stabilized and business will flourish. In view of that, we’ve embarked on a wide range sensitization across the clan to educate the people on the need to shun cultism and all forms of social vices. As we speak, our scholarship
programme for the less privileged is on the pipeline, oil and gas training programme and so on.
Till now, Eneka internal roads are dreadful, I can mention 10 link roads in Eneka that are completely impassable. How does this worry you?
For us, it’s painful but God willing, we’ll continue to call on state government and other interventionist agencies like the NDDC and others to come to our aid. Eneka is a strategic community and we trust that government will hear our cry. Government must know that road is the key to development.
Like we spelt it out in our inaugural address, there’s no going back on the promises we’ve made to our people. Our being here is to restore public confidence and at the moment, leadership is rectifying modalities on how to speedily embark on this subject matter. To be fit in labour industries is not just by educational qualification but further professional training is also required. It is on this premise that leadership is driving a capacity building programme by engaging professional organization in oil and gas industries to subsidize prices for designated professions, skill acquisition, professional trainings which will be made public when this phase of project finally comes on stream.
Our people should be rest assured of our educational transformation programme which will come on stream soon. We shall set up a formidable umpire that will galvanize an actionable scholarship programme particularly for the less privileged. At the moment, we are taking documentation of various classes of schools within the clan which will enable us enforce this task once we empower the education committee.
There’s no doubt zero maintenance of public utilities is a major problem in governance. Therefore, the attention of this administration has be drawn to the bad solar street lightening system installed in some areas within the clan particularly from the 1st market junction to Rumuowha community. Leadership is engaging with professionals in the electricity sector to get the solar lightening working again. We cannot continue to be a demanding community yet we can’t manage the little that we been given. Leadership must share certain responsibilities with government. Maintaining key infrastructure put in place by this government will be encouraging them to do more for the clan.
Again, we won’t promise to build skyscrapers but we assure our people that with every little available resource, we will meet the needs of the community as well as support our sons and daughters in possible ways.
I want to reiterate our commitment once more to implementing deliberate programmes of action which is in the best interest of our dear clan. Under our watch by the help of God, Eneka will see a great light in all areas of development. As a committee, we are working tirelessly to changing the narratives, our resolve to salvaging the clan from its underdevelopment is ongoing and soon our people will testify.
What’s your expectation from the people of the clan?
Always pray for us, feel free to visit and share your wealth of wisdom, ideas with us, advise us, join hands with us to make Eneka better. As a government, we are committed to accounting to our people; we request your continuous support and prayers to enable us stand strong even in the midst of the challenges bedevilling our enviable clan. Great people of Eneka, we don’t want to continue to highlight our agendas at this point, we want our people to see deliberate programs of action as soon as possible, as such, the only way we can achieve this is by your support and prayers. We are very confident of God’s favour in this administration as we are already on a speed lane to delivering our transformation promises. Let us cultivate the spirit of oneness and strive to do what is right in the sight of God and man. Struggle for the transformation of our dear clan must be a collective responsibility because together, we’ll move Eneka forward, and please, Eneka is very open for investors, businesses, companies, very, very open.

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