December 2, 2023

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Editorial: A New Year Is Here

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The long expected year, 2023, is here at last. For Nigerians, it is that year that new leaders will be elected for the various political offices- states houses of assembly, governorship, National Assembly and president.



Politicians are already campaigning, doing all they can to sell themselves to the electorate. Some are getting ready to buy the votes, while others are genuinely seeking the people’s votes to enable them win.


Obi’s Endorsements Can’t Bring Votes -APC Chieftain


Those who have the gift to see tomorrow-the prophets-have already told us what they think God has shown them concerning the election and the possible winners. Some look correct, some look doubtful. But they all form part of the preparations for the general elections.



At the end of the day, one person will win each of the positions being contested for. This is the essence of election.



Unfortunately, there are already, news of violent attacks by politicians and their supporters on perceived opponents. In other parts of the country, there are reports that governors are denying perceived opponents public facilities for their campaigns.

Guber Race: What God Showed Me About OBA, Eno -Prophet Ituen


There are even reports of billboards and campaign posters of opponents either being destroyed or torn.



Like we have always said, these are condemnable acts and do not promote democratic tenets. We urge politicians to play the game according to the rules. Vote buying, hooliganism and all acts inimical to democratic growth should be jettisoned.



For us in TNN, this year is equally significant. We will be marking our 10th year as a newspaper organisation. Some 10 years ago, our first edition hit the newsstands in four states of the Niger Delta-Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River and Akwa Ibom-and during this period, we have touched lives and impacted the region through exclusive reportage.

We’ll Secure Victory For All Our Candidates, Says C’River APC Chair


During this period, we have won awards for the leading role we have been playing in agenda setting and courageously covering and reporting the region. As the New Year begins, we are already counting our gains and thanking God for 10 years of robust journalism practice.



At the appropriate time, you, our readers and advertisers, will be informed about our plans in this regard.

Let us keep the flag flying. This year will be better than the past years.

Happy new year.

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