May 26, 2022

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Dickson Abandoned .Top Aides, Party Men Quit

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The rate at which key political appointees of government and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa state are resigning and leaving the party seems to have unsettled the state governor, Seriake Dickson.
Barely a month to the governorship election in the state, the governor is on daily basis witnessing the resignation and defection of his foot soldiers, to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in droves.
Virtually all those that are leaving the ruling party seem to be harping on a common reason- the choice of governorship and deputy governorship candidates of the PDP and how others were not being considered in reaching party decisions.
Worried by the mounting furore within the party resulting in the mass exodus of members from its fold, governor Dickson, in turn, has resorted to last minute issuance of appointment letters to as many people as possible as a repair strategy.
The governor recently approved the appointment of 60 more special advisers and senior special assistants across the state in an attempt to fill the gap created by the endless political relocations from his party.
Leading the park of prominent and influential members that have left the PDP in recent time is a former deputy governor of Bayelsa state, Peremobowei Ebebi who hails from Ekeremor local government area.
Ebebi, in his letter of resignation of his membership from the PDP said “l have come to this hard decision after an enduring and excruciating period of a largely fraudulent internal democracy in the state chapter of the PDP.”
He also highlighted “disregard and disrespect for due process as enshrined in the PDP constitution and electoral guidelines; high-handedness and despiration of the party’s leadership” as some of the reasons he decided to quit the PDP.
TNN gathered that Senator Paulker Emmanuel from Yenagoa local government area may be the next political heavyweight to dump the PDP as he is said to be in serious consultations with his people before making his decision known to the public.
One of the key political appointees that has recently resigned his appointment as Special Adviser to the governor on Political Matters 11 and dumped the PDP for APC is Chief Stephen Diver.
Diver, who is a native of Otuan in Southern Ijaw Local Government area said he resigned and left the party because the choice of governorship and deputy governorship candidates chosen by the PDP ” are not of like minds with me.
“It is not in my character to disagree with my boss on very important issue that has to do with the future of our people and remain in government to receive salaries and allowances. I hereby resign my appointment in your executive council.”
Another political heavyweight that the PDP has lost to the APC within the period under review is a former chairman of Southern Ijaw local government area, Chief Tiwei Orunimighe.
Before he resigned from the restoration government, Orunimighe was the special Adviser to the governor on oil and gas.
A political juggernaut, the former SILGA boss was one of the arrowheads that propelled Dickson to gubernatorial victory in 2015.
Also shocking is the resignation of Mike Ogiasa, a close relative of former president Goodluck Jonathan, who, until his resignation, served as special adviser to the governor on power.
Ogiasa, a native of Otuoke, the same community with the former president in Ogbia Local Government area of the state, is said to be unhappy with the restoration government over some unilateral decisions being taken by the governor which undermine the former president and the party in general.
Another key political actor, who has tendered his resignation letter and moved to the APC is Mr. Godspower Ake.
Until his resignation, Ake, who played a very key role in mobilizing for Dickson’s re-election victory in 2015, was the special adviser to the governor on agriculture.
A freeborn of Boumodi community in Yenagoa local government area of the state, Ake, in his resignation letter said he decided to shift his political camp because “recent political decisions made by government are incongruent to my political ideas and inimical to most Bayelsans.
“It will therefore be an aberration to be committed to a new cause that obviously only promises futility. I hereby resign my appointment as special adviser on Agriculture.”
The governor’s cousin, Prince Douye Koroye is not left out in the fray of those who have called it quit with the PDP and pinched their tents with the APC, ahead of the November 16 epic battle.
Koroye, who hails from Toru-Orua community in Sagbama local government area of the state, is a former state chairman of the Bayelsa Volunteer, an outfit created by the state to assist security agencies.
Until his recent resignation, Koroye was a special adviser to the governor on youth and community development.
Douye, who left the PDP with other kinsmen of the governor, said they were displeased with the way the affairs of the party were being handled.
Also, the Director of ethics and compliance, Bayelsa state due process bureau, Benjamin Ogbara said he resigned “to enable me go back to my private legal practice.”
Special adviser on culture, Chief Zebakeme Natus and special assistant on students’ affairs are also among many other aides of the governor that have left the PDP.

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