September 23, 2021

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Deputy Gov’s Kinsmen Beg Wike Over Deplorable Degema School

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As the Degema National High School, Degema in Rivers state marks her 42 years of establishment this September, residents have expressed disappointment with the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike over the deplorable condition of the school.
Degema National High School was founded in September 1977 as in the name Government Secondary School, Degema. It became an all-boys school in September 1978 when the pioneer girls were transferred to the neighbouring Government Secondary School, Obuama in exchange for the boys from that school.
Incidentally, Obuama was also a co-ed at foundation in 1977. Both schools were established by the government of Rivers State when Professor Tamunoemi Sokari David-West was the commissioner for education.
For years now, Degema National High School established in the Local Government of the deputy governor of Rivers State, Ipalibo Harry Banigo has remained in a sorry state.
While the governor continues his tour, commissioning projects carried out the past 100 days of his second term in office, stakeholders from the local government have urged him to do his deputy the honour of visiting and rehabilitating.
According to them, the institution needs to be salvaged from its doomed state as a matter of urgency.
According to Erekosima Harrison-Douglas, “this is the present state of the Degema National High School, Degema, a secondary school founded in September 1977. It is in complete disrepair with most of its premises overgrown into bushes. We urge the state government to salvage this institution of its current calamity.”
A native, Don Pedro Ipalibo told TNN that the development which has forced the pupils out of the institution was worse than lions’ den.
According to Ipalibo, “we have been appealing for years now, we have been begging, urging our own amiable governor, lover of education to save this school so that our children can go back and learn, but these appeals seem not to be holding water.”
“Most disappointing in this situation is the fact that our daughter and sister is the deputy governor of the state, yet an issue of such magnitude is not seen as priority. Come on, we don’t play politics with the future of generations.
“Most children are home now for years, they can’t go to school because their parents cannot afford it in private schools. Tomorrow, these boys become hoodlums, vagabonds you start asking who their parents are, forgetting you deprived them of basic necessities.
“I must say without mincing words, that the governor and our sister, the deputy who should know that charity begins at home are not paying attention to the riverines but regardless, I urge them to as a matter of urgency, see to the rehabilitation of Degema National High School.”

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