December 3, 2021

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Day I Was Disgraced While Performing On Stage – Gbedu

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Multi-talented music maker, Uriah Ibama Isokirima popularly known as Eze-dee D Gbedu Dispenser is blazing the trail in the music sector of the entertainment industry in Rivers State.
The Buguma born’s ambition is to spread his music all over the world as a way of encouraging those about giving up as a result of low self esteem to press on.
The stage stunning artiste spoke with EDITH CHUKU on his experience, passion, relationship among other issues.
Your names are endless, how do you cope with that?
Yes, I was even about asking you what name you have for me, because I am more confused than you are. The thing is, people call me names based on a particular lyrics they love most from any of my track. Sometimes it takes minutes for me to realize I am the one they are referring to, but for now, I am used to black sugar baby, boiz effect, Mr. olowo, king of sugar castle.
You left me wondering after I watched your video, “Love n story” featuring Blah and “My Baby” Featuring Bulk wild. You look so much like a female.
(Laughs) TNN Abeg, I am neither a she nor her, not even a she-he, please; I am a he and him.
But seriously, how does, permit me to say, a beautiful guy like you cope with female fans, admirers or don’t they cruise on you?
First, I have a girlfriend. They are free to cruise, admire but I am covered with the blood of my woman so they can’t touch. As a matter of fact, I gossip those some very funny ones with my woman but I try very hard not to make them feel bad.
Is your woman in the industry too?
Naaa, far from the industry
Are you hiding her from the industry?
No, hiding, never. if you have been attending my shows or shows I am invited for, you should have met her over and over again.
What’s unique, what makes her different?
Almost everything.
(Laughs), yes, she loves and appreciates me for whom I am, don’t tell her but she crush on me like scarra. She has good home training, not loose, very humble, a perfect chef, she cooks a full pot of food without testing it.
You say?
I swear, that’s not just true but reality. I was shocked about it.
Your hair, what if she says either you shave or I quit maybe because of her parents?
She will wake up from her dream, the last time I initiated the idea myself, she queried me, even last December, she refused, for my birthday, she refused and again her parents know me. If they don’t like it, they would have stopped her from dating me, my hair is not a problem.
What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?
Well, I appreciate my fans because they always do crazy things like being fans of a nobody like me. For me, that is the craziest. You hear people call out your name, stand to dance to your music, that is great, feels great, having to feature great talents in the industry like Double K, That biz, Bulk wild, Messiah, Jerome, Mkaze, Blah, you check am na.
You’ve been in the industry for 20 years now?
Yes, for good 20 years now. I started from the church, playing musical instruments like keyboard, bass guitar and trumpet. I have been pushing till now, started professional recording in 2006. Music has been everything, music is life, I can’t explain better what music is to me, music is air, existence for me. Life feels toxic without music.
Most people do music for the fame and money, what’s your own motivation?
People like you who believe in what we do, TNN who has time and space to package people like us, those who look up to me, including those who looked down on me, who said I was wasting my time, those about to give up on something they believe so much on, then, plus money and fame.
Looking back to where you are coming from, will you say you have made it?
Abeg, temper mercy with Johnson, please. No one has made it in the industry, no one. We are all striving, before you go make me miss my destiny helpers, anybody that say I have made it, that voice is coming from the pit of hell.
Have you had an embarrassing moment before?
I have ooo, everyone in this industry called entertainment and outside the industry obviously has, and some are shocking.
Can you tell us?
Sure, first, people didn’t believe my talent, no one did. That almost killed all that God is making out of me today. It was the most dangerous tool that almost crippled my passion, but today, the story is different, God helped me, I strived hard and that has put me on TV. Today, to the glory to God, I have tracks, videos blazing, No dance with me, Sophia, Love n story, featuring Blah, Ebi Ebi, Make una dance featuring Double K and That biz, Olowo featuring Maxi, Ebi ebi remix, featuring st. Leader, My Baby Featuring Bulk wild, leave me alone, Na God featuring Messiah and Jerome, Cherry Cocoa featuring Mkaze n Blah and many more.
Also, (laughs) I have been on stage and my CD refused to play.
Did you walk away?
For where, who wants to be a billionaire, hustler, walk away? When song leader is singing and power goes off, microphone stops, that is when you know who can clap and sing, I used my voice and stylish the performance so my money will come and it did.
What’s your advice to upcoming entertainers?
Pursue your passion, talent, be submissive to and follow those who have attained the height you are aiming at, hold God and hold money.
What next should your fans expect from you?
Endless appreciations, more Gbedu. Gbedu master says so.

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