January 24, 2022

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David-West, PH Serial Killer Deserves No Mercy, Say Residents

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The Port Harcourt suspected serial killer, Gracious David-West, who confessed to have been involved in the killing of young ladies in hotels across the state deserves no mercy and should be thoroughly investigated to expose his masters, some residents have said.
While most residents applaud efforts of the Rivers state police command over David-West’s apprehension, others believe there is more to it than the excuse of abnormal psychological state as claimed by the suspect.
West, an ex-militant was caught on CCTV at one of the hotels after a girl he took into the hotel room was found dead. Lately, no fewer than five young girls have been strangled in a similar way.
The most recent incident was what prompted protests by different groups. Less than 48 hours after the protest, David-West was caught and he made confessions, claiming not to be in control of his actions.
According to him, “after killing them I use to regret it.” He also noted that he had visited the Lord’s Chosen Church, close to Oyigbo in Port Harcourt to make some confessions regarding the killings, but was denied access to the general overseer.
TNN spoke with some residents on the saga. Speaking on the issue, a lawyer, Bright Chimenem Owunna expressed sympathy over the ordeals women go through in the society.
Owunna wondered why the female folks were always the target of barbaric acts. According to him, “It’s very disheartening. Women, mothers, sisters, wives, females are always targeted in demoralizing incidents like this.
“Their pants, underwears are either being stolen for rituals or their private parts are completely cut off, or you hear they were raped, even some at four years, a girl child is raped or they were kidnapped and so on.
“What crime have they committed to be affected and targeted so much by perpetrators of these ungodly acts?
“I strongly condemn the incessant and barbaric inhuman act of wickedness exhibited by men against the lives of women as expressed by way of numerous murders against the lives of young women, including the recent killings in hotels around Port Harcourt.
“I humbly recommend that the details of every man checking into hotels should be thoroughly documented with that of their female occupants and whenever they are leaving or checking out, the way about of their female colleagues should be verified to ensure that they are either alive or they checked out together.”
Also, the spokesperson of Africa Women Today; Babra Idiafi who also spoke with TNN called on the Rivers state police command not to relent in their investigation. She was convinced that the confessional statement made by the murderer might not be entirely true.
She urged the police not to be sympathetic towards him as he showed no mercy when the ladies he strangled pleaded for mercy.
Idiafi said “No mercy, don’t show him any sympathy, that devil was not born by a woman, he is a complete beast so should be treated as one. I was very much disappointed when I saw him eating and taking water offered to him by the police. For what? What does he need strength for? Someone that deserves the worst kind of punishment, they were busy giving him first class treatment, for what reason, why?
“Highest, he will be sentenced and that ends it, seven or twelve years after he will roam about freely; yet, he has sent future mothers, wives, daughter in-laws, someone’s daughter, sister to her early grave.
“The police should not relent, there is more to this. In fact, he might have a master he is working for,

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