July 25, 2021

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David Lyon: The Man, His Large Heart For The Poor

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Not much may have been known about him in political circles. He may have nursed the ambition in the past to present himself for an elective office, but never has he been so close to getting there. And he never showed desperation to get there.
Once he had tried to become a member of the state house of assembly, but when political calculations did not favour him, he forgot about and continued with his oil and gas business. That did not also stop him from his philanthropic gestures.
Today, Lyon, one of the leading governorship aspirants in Bayelsa State looks good to be called the APC candidate for the November 3 election. Apart from his well known philanthropic activities, not many people know that sits on the board of many business conglomerates in the country.
Many people only know him for his simplicity and humble mien, but they may not have also known that in the Second Republic, as a young man, Lyon was already chairman of the defunct NRC in his ward 4, Southern Ijaw Local Government.
Lyon was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Arukubu Lyon Ekpeke of Abebiri family of Eubiri compound, Olugbobiri Community in Olodiama clan of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area on the 20th day of December, 1970.
He attended Saint Gabriel’s State School Olugbobiri from 1978 to 1983 and community secondary school, Olugbobiri, from 1984 to 1988 before proceeding to the Rivers State College of Education, where he bagged the National Certificate of Education (NCE).
He started off as a foreman at the Western Company Ltd. He learnt how to lead by following others before him. From being a humble follower, Lyon set resolved to set up businesses and became a key player in the oil and gas sector.
Lyon knows the true meaning of philantropy. He knows how to put smiles on the faces of the poor. And he does this with dignified grace. Each time he wants to distribute food items to the less privileged, he carries them on his head, easily. Perhaps, this may have been one of the reasons why there was so much excitement when the news filtered about two weeks ago, that Lyon had decided to leave the lion’s cage, and to present himself election as governor of Bayelsa State.
His emergence as flagbearer of the APC for the gubernatorial election will be the first step in his journey to the Government House. Whoever emerges from the PDP as candidate will have a lion to fight with.

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