September 23, 2021

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CRUTECH Students Divided Over Ankle Chain Saga

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Some students of Cross River University of Technology have expressed divergent views on the current trend of ankle wearing by female students as a fashion statement. Some of the students believe that it is highly fashionable as it helps bring out the beauty of a modern and classy lady.
However, some see the wearing of ankle bracelet by female students as an act that speaks of promiscuity. They say an average Nigeria lady is addressed the way she is dressed.
Ankle bracelet popularly called as leg chain by most girls is a piece of jewellery wrap round the ankle as fashion by ladies. Its origin can be traced back to the Odisha people of India, where only warriors and brides wore them as part of their complete regalia to distinguish them from the singles and non warriors.
In our clime, many see it as a sign that those who wear them are available for grabs by both single and married women who wrap it round their ankles. This is what students of CRUTECH see it as:
Jenet: Some of them wear it as fun, to some I think it is to show that they have fine legs else why will a lady put on leg chain.”
Glory: Those that wear leg chain to me are lesbians because that’s the only reason why a girl would wear leg chain.
John Agbor: It is a borrowed fashion basically from most of the Indian movies they watch. To the Indians, it is used on the married women for identification, but here in Nigeria we see it as sign of prostitution. It will shock you that most of the ladies you see on leg chains don’t even know what it means and if I’m to advise them, I will say it is not a decent fashion for responsible girls.
Felix: If I see a girl wearing leg chain, the first thing that comes to my mind is, this girl is a lesbian. Not because I know them oh, but because that is what it stands for, to me. Coincidentally, most of them don’t know what it means to the guys. It may mean fashion to them but we see it to be a sign that she is either a prostitute or a lesbian.”
Silver Williams: Girls wear leg chain for fashion. As you can see, I am putting on a leg chain and fashion is what it means to me.”

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