March 1, 2024

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C’Riverians Speak On Ayade’s Tax Rebate For Workers

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Reactions are still pouting in from residents of Calabar, Cross River State, over last week’s exemption of some workers from tax payments. One of those who spoke to TNN on the isse was the chairman Open Space, Watt market, Calabar, Mr. Ike Bassey.
While commending the governor for showing concern for low income earners in the state, he urged the state government to look into illegal tickets collection going on in the state famous market
“Your Excellency, we appreciate your concern for growing businesses in the state, this exemption of taxes on low income earners in the state is a welcome idea, but I wish to draw your attention to the rate of illegal tickets collection going on in Watt market open space.
“In a day we pay not less than N1000 each to a body that is not recognized by the state, yet the space lacks the necessary development that should compensate for our expenditure. During the rainy season, our goods are messed up, and in sunny days we are left to dry up by heat, so please digital Prof Ayade, help look into this aspect too”.
Also the chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Cross River State chapter, Mr. John Ochalla has urged the Cross River State House of Assembly to live up to it responsibility, and put a stop to the excesses of the governor adding that the state was in an unfortunate situation.
He said no well meaning Cross Riverian can take Ayade serious, stressing that the performance rating of last year quabalistic densification budget of the state had no bearing on citizens and that Cross River State was indeed in a state of comatose.
This is coming just as the citizens have continued to comment on the 2020 budget proposal of the governor. A citizen, Thomas Charles urged Cross Riverians not to stress their brain looking for the meaning of the theme of this year’s budget. According to him, in due time, this whole grammar thing will come to an end.
“The professor of drama has done it again. What is Olympotic meristemasis that a common citizen of this state should understand? Well Cross Riverians should hold on to fate as this will come to an end soon.
“Actually, I left my house to stick aro
und the state house of assembly complex just to laugh because I know Ayade wasn’t going to make things easier with his grammar for any of us. Just like the 2019 budget I know it will be approved and nothing meaningful will still come out of it.
“All I’m asking is for the governor to, in his Olympotic meristemasis conscience, remember the plight of the suffering masses especially as it concerns our roads.
“Lastly, I want to, on behalf of the low income earners, appreciate the governor for the bold step to exempt these suffering set of people from paying taxes at least this is the only thing worth hearing from today’s meeting.”

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