September 23, 2021

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C’River Legislator: We Don’t Have Standard Pry School, Access Roads In Boki

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The representative of Boki 1 constituency in Cross River State, Itam Abang has said that pictures of school children sitting on stones in a flooded classroom cannot be a true reflection of what is happening in the Okwa community of Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State.
The legislator told TNN in an interview that the images were imaginary pictures from her enemies whom she said were bent on rubbishing her, especially because of her position as House committee chairman on education. She insisted that such a school did not exist in her constituency.
“Okwa is a community on the hill therefore it cannot be flooded. If water flows from the hill downward, then such a school cannot be in Okwa community. I know things are not the way they ought to be, but I have reached out to the SUBEB chairman and they are doing these things in batches.
“So I don’t know who they are trying to get at because those pictures of children in a flooded primary school cannot be from Okwa. Yes, we don’t have a standard primary school but they are working towards it and I have been assured that for the 2019 intervention, Okwa community will be captured.”
Abang listed the major challenges of Okwa community to include accessibility, lamenting that as the host community to the state national park, the expectation was that accessibility would have been taken care of by the park.
“One of the greatest problems we have is access. We do not have access roads. Okwa is the host community of the state national park and they have not done anything for us. Rather, they have said that my people should not hunt; our people should not enter the bushes to farm and I don’t know what to do because this situation is very painful.
“I thought that the national park that stopped my people from hunting and fishing would have at least done that for us. If you take half of our forest, at least give us the basic necessities of life like a health centre, like a primary school. But be that as it may, I have reached out to the appropriate authorities. When the rainy season stops, as they start the next intervention, Okwa community will be reached.”
She advised social media users to promote the state government’s efforts and protect the good reputation of the state rather than spread fake news, which she said was capable of destroying the image of the state as well as chase away good things from coming to the state.
She said: “If you are reasonable you will check facts. You should know where the community is, a lot of those posting on social media are just being mischievous because they should know that Okwa is on a hill therefore it cannot be flooded. Does the stream flow upward or it comes downward?”

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