September 23, 2021

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C’River APC Rejects Tribunal Judgement

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The Cross River State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has rejected the election petitions tribunal judgement issued on Wednesday in Calabar by Justice Vincent Agbata, against her candidates.
State chairman of the party, Mr. John Ochala, made the party’s position known on Thursday in a statement. Ochala described the tribunal judgement as absurd and a clear manifestation of the judicial system.
He said “the outcome of the election petition tribunal is one of the most absurd judgements we have ever had. It is very unfortunate, a clear manifestation of the ineptitude in our judicial system. How could the judges be talking of our case being pre-election matter when facts of exclusion just hours before election is what took us to court. We will test the judgement.
“INEC gave evidence that we were not excluded because we were reinstated before the elections. INEC is the umpire. Yet the judges did not consider that before passing that devastating and ridiculous judgement.
Also speaking in an interview, the vice chairman central, Mr. Vodina Enya said, “I witnessed what transpired in the court on Wednesday. I saw what Justice Vincent Agbata, ruled out as judgement and as far as I am concerned, that is not judgement. I think that he has come to play and fulfil what his pay masters asked him to come and do in Cross River State and as a party, we are rejecting that judgement, it is totally unacceptable to us.
“I don’t understand what his interpretation of status quo means, I think that he just interpreted the word to suit his own personal whims. To the best of my ability, he was biased from the beginning and he did that just to satisfy his pay masters. That judgement is tantamount to day light robbery, a rape on Nigeria constitution and we vehemently reject it.”

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