March 5, 2024

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C’River APC mocks PDP over crisis

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Still smarting from the eventual resolution of its internal crisis, chairman of the APC in Cross River State, John Ochala has said that his party is ready to welcome all PDP members who may be willing to defect, following the crisis that now rocks the ruling party in the state.

Ochala was recently confirmed by the court of appeal as leader of the APC in the state. Just about the same period, the PDP experienced a crack in their leadership, as the governor, Prof Ben Ayade is now in a dirty fight with members of the National Assembly over control of the party structures.

Before now, the APC had always accused Ayade of being responsible for the crisis that robbed their party of electoral victory during the last general elections.

On Monday, Ochala said in a statement that the APC had nothing to do with the PDP crisis. The statement also denied that Ayade was the one funding the APC before now.

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“To the best of my knowledge, Governor Ayade has not funded the APC with a kobo at any level, rather the PDP and Governor Ayade tried and are still trying to sow seeds of discord within the APC but thank God majority of our people are wise enough to see through their antics.

“The PDP should not drag the APC into their internal crisis. Let the PDP dance her strip dance in shame. All their evil plans against the APC has boomeranged. The APC Cross River State is re- engineering with absolute resolve to key Cross River State into the Progressive family and save our people from a confused, clueless, and vision less PDP administration in the State.

“I advise the PDP government in Cross River to focus their energies on educating our people on how to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and provide palliative to Cross Riverians in this difficult times.

“Our doors remain open to all those who are ready to jump out of the PDP Sinking Ship into the Progressive APC family,” the statement said.


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