July 19, 2024

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COVID -19 testing facility coming to Rivers, says commissioner

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Rivers State commissioner for health, Prof Princewill Chike has confirmed that a testing centre will soon be available for use in the state. But he did not say when exactly it will be ready and put to use.


The commissioner told TNN in an exclusive interview on Sunday that there were high expectations, as preparations were already in an advanced stage.

He said: “You know when you are expecting an alert, you expect it to land. We are expecting the alert. If the alert lands, we will be very happy. I think the plans for a set up is extremely at an advanced stage. By the time it is set up, all the technical and administrative activities will be there. So, we just keep our fingers crossed.

What part of Rivers State will it be located?


Is it important? Any part of Rivers State is fine, as far as it will serve us. Afterall we have been sending our own samples to Edo State. Don’t worry.

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