June 13, 2024

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COVID-19: Rivers sends 41 samples to Edo for test

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Apart from the sample for the index case of COVID-19 from Rivers State, up to 41 more samples have so far been sent to Edo State for test.

The state commissioner for health, Prof Princewill Chike said in an interview with TNN on Sunday that results from the samples sent for test were being awaited. He expressed the hope that they would come out negative.

According to him, “we have sent 41 samples. You know the index case herself, we had over 185 contacts that were traced to her, including her choir, where she worships. It wasn’t easy. And then there are persons of interest too, who we had to follow.

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“There were also suspects, people with symptoms that look like it that we had to follow and take samples from them, at least to convince ourselves. There are those who travelled from high impact areas and then areas that have already commenced transmission.

“You know we were at alert for a long time until that index case. We pray that this index case that has done excellently well, that it should be the last for us.”

When asked if the governor, Nyesom Wike had been tested, he responded thus: “He doesn’t have any symptoms now. Do you just catch and start testing people? Have asked me whether I have been tested, me that goes to treatment centre?

But he must have interacted with people with high risk people before now…

Let me give you one secret about my boss. Even before this issue of COVID and so on, the moment COVID came, he wasn’t shaking people. And besides, because of criteria for testing by NCDC, one, you must have come from the country that is impacted.

“Two, you must have a history of contact with such people. Three, you must have symptoms, because the testing procedure, you don’t just see any person on the street and start catching them and testing. It is a waste of resources.


So, that is why the governor has not been tested?

Why are you particular about the governor?

Because he is our governor.

Why are you not particular about your own self?

I am coming there

You know the population of Rivers State, both indigenes and people who live here. Why are you particular about the governor?

Okay, let me leave him and come to you. Have you been tested?

Why do you want to test me? Do I have any symptoms? I don’t have any symptoms. Well, if you are pushing to test me, my wife and children will become afraid of me o(laughs). On a more serious note, I am also careful. When the issue of COVID came, I am one of those…I don’t touch anybody.


“As I am telling you, my house is on lock down. If you are a relative, you don’t come. If you come, we see you through the window. I don’t shake anybody. I am not just a medical doctor. I am also a research medical scientist, so I know what viruses could do.”


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