February 24, 2024

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COVID-19 palliative: Allegation Against NDDC IMC Member Baseless

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The Mene Sira Bara Barrera I of Ogoni land, Solomon Ndigbara has warned those he described as detractors of Ogoni progress to desist from blackmailing Mrs. Caroline Nagbo, the Ogoni daughter representing Rivers State on the Interim Management Committee of the NDDC.
According to Ndigbara who is from Yeghe, Gokana Local Government Area of Ogoni ethnic nationality in Rivers State, the allegation that Mrs. Nagbo, collected and diverted palliative money meant for the youths in the area was baseless.
He explained in a release made available to TNN that Mrs. Nagbo, who is the head of women, youths, sports and culture in NDDC under the Interim Management Committee (IMC) had been in Abuja since the inception of the COVID-19 lockdown, urging those involved to stop.
Ndigbara warned: “We, people from Ogoni, say no to marginalisation. We should not be looked and treated as common people. We are not like that. We should be treated with respect. You cannot rubbish our sister and daughter and you expect Ogoni people to be quiet

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