March 27, 2023

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COVID 19: Ayade’s needless Propaganda

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By Dan Amor


There is a news item this morning that the Cross River State House of Assembly has granted approval to the request by the state government for the 18 Local Government Councils to contribute N50million each to the fight against Covid 19 in the state. According to the story,  the approval was given in a resolution taken during plenary after deliberating on the request contained in a letter forwarded to it by the Secretary to the State Government,  Barr. Tina Agbor. The story even added that members of the State House of Assembly praised Gov. Ben Ayade for being proactive in the fight against the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic in the state. What a disturbing tragedy?

Ayade: No need for social distancing, lock down in C’River

Somewhere in the social media also is a video circulating advertising Ayade in funfair boasting that mere wearing of face mask alone would prevent the virus from attacking people, beating his chest that he is a Professor of Science. Why is Cross River State so cursed? Where does Ayade want each of the 18 local government councils in the state to generate N50million from? Does he want to tax Cross Riverians who are already languishing in abject poverty of money which would end up in his private pocket? Has Ayade not heard that Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State,  his closest neighbour, has approved N1 billion as palliative to the people of Ebonyi to cushion the effect of the lockdown? Why is the lockdown not effective in Cross River State if Ayade is truly proactive in the fight against the scourge in his state?


You recall that Ayade has painted some used vehicles with Coronavirus inscriptions with which his spin-doctors have inundated the public space that he is on top of the game in the fight against the plague. Why make so much noise while achieving practically nothing?  Does Ayade hear any noise from Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State who is actually leading the pack of the Strategic drive to combat the Coronavirus pandemic head on among the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory making a noise?  Why would any governor with the lowest number of medical doctors  (only 36 medical doctors in the entire Cross River State) in the country be revelling in invidious media propaganda instead of burying his face in shame? In most General Hospitals in the state, you find only four  (4) nurses on duty with some of the state hospitals and health centres operating without qualified doctors. What a shame!

C’River School Of Nursing To be upgraded

Governor Ayade has been circulating false story all over the place, that he has shared N39,000 ( N20,000 from the Federal Government and N19,000 from him) to each poor and vulnerable family in Cross River State as palliative to cushion the effect of the lockdown. All lies and nothing but lies. Any family in the state that has received any money from Gov. Ayade should say so.


The government of Cross River State under the leadership of this showman called Benedict Ayade, is a scam. The tragedy of our condition is that in spite of the mass hysteria afflicting the people of the state,  in spite of the magnitude of hunger ravaging the people, in spite of the plethora of poverty which has become the State anthem,  nobody is saying anything. Who will fight for Cross Riverians in these trying times? Where are our activist lawyers to challenge Ayade in court for turning our dear state to his private estate?  Ayade,  show leadership and not propaganda especially in this period of global tension and deaths, if you have scruples. The patience of the people has reached fever-pitch. We are fed up with your propaganda. You have killed the image of PDP in Cross River State. PDP is a huge fraud in our state. But better days are still possible with another party.

*  Amor sent this from Abuja


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