December 8, 2023

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Calabar’s Juju Market, …Prophets, Politicians, Native Doctors Patronise Market, …Police: We Are Not Aware

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Chiemeka ADINDU, Calabar


On a normal day, when one goes for shopping, you are at liberty to enter any shop that sells what you desire to buy but, that seems to be different with what goes on at Efak Satan, a unique section at the most popular Watt market, Calabar. You can only transact at this section of the market if you are an agent to those who sell there.
Efak Satan is a section in the market that is believed to have been bizarre and esoteric as items outside the normal daily market lists are sold there. It is said that human parts and other bizarre items are sold at Efak Satan and this pushed TNN to make inquiries on this wonder section of the market.
On that warm evening, we found our way to Efak Satan. The movement was later rearranged as a tour guide had to be hired so as to get explanations about the place and one of the conditions is that you don’t go in with your bags, neither will you be allowed to enter the shops with a mobile phone.
The tour guide took time to take TNN to virtually all the shops at this section of the market where it was found out that those who want political power, pastors who desire to have power for miracles are among those who patronise that section of the market, apart from herbalists who also go there to get items for their juju concoctions.
At Efak Satan, you will see shells of some animals like the crocodile, the scorpion, the tortoise and even skulls of human beings. They have candles of many colours which the tour guide said were for several purposes.
But one thing that stands out is that while passing this section of the market, you will only see artifacts, crafts and other related items and herbs. Until you go deeper into the shops and make your intent known, it would simply be the story of ‘the more you look, the less you see.’
TNN was told that there have been situations where people bring children to be killed and used for rituals but that such were not allowed there. The guide said the police had visited the place severally and have carried out investigations on the kind of activities that go on in the market.
“Maybe I should tell you this, you don’t ever snap at Efak Satan,” says the tour guide, “but, if you manoeuvre your way to do so, if you live beyond two years, then God is on your side.” He also said that if you attempt to secretly take pictures in that section of the market, your gadget may crash or the pictures would disappear mysteriously.
In an interaction with TNN, a traditional ruler said “there’s nothing on earth you won’t get from Efak Satan.” He said the place has been in existence even before he was born and that no one can go there to do anything funny. He revealed that they have back up from the government as they pay their bills and taxes. He said the police cannot even go there for anything funny otherwise they’ll kill you and nothing will happen. He even said people from everywhere in the country do patronize them, including government officials.


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He said there’s no part of human body you’re looking for that you won’t get from Efak Satan, whether fresh or not. He however noted that those things are not just displayed on the shelves and that no one is expected to go where they are kept, except the dealers. He said when someone wants to buy, you’ll have to tell them the part you want and wait for it to be provided for you in a few minutes time.
The traditional ruler who would not want his name in print said that the people normally get supplies from Anang in Akwa Ibom, Yakurr and from the northern part of the country. He also said it’s mostly the Ibibios, Efiks, Anangs and the Hausas that you’ll find selling there. He was so plain that it has come to stay and that he doesn’t think anyone may have the power to change the narrative owing to the fact that it has become a place that many lives have been saved through their medicines both for healing and protection.
TNN contacted the Public Relations Officer, PRO of the Cross River State command, Irene Ugbo who said the command was not aware of anything like that and as such, had not embarked on any operation in that regard. She said if the police becomes aware of any part of the market that deals on human parts, they wouldn’t hesitate to raid the place.
TNN also contacted Okpabi Nelson, the PRO of Zone 6. He however said he only knew the place to be a section of the market where alligator pepper and other similar local and herbal products were sold and nothing more.
He said the government cannot be aware of such a place without raiding it. He stated that he was not aware that there was a place where human parts were sold and even if they are aware that they can’t carry out an operation in isolation of the state police command who will also work with the divisional police of the territory.
He said there’s no how such a thing will be going on for such a number of years without the knowledge of the government and there’s no how human parts would be transferred from part of the zone or state to the other without the police comprehending them.
Speaking on the effect of such a place in the lives of residents, the senior pastor of Jesus Life Gospel Ministries Int’l, Calabar, the Rev. Ugochukwu Okike said it would take a juju priest or pseudo Christian to refer someone to such a place. He disclosed that practices give Satan access into such places just as God’s name gives access to the Holy spirit to a place.
He said certain empowerments have been done on those items for them to be effective but, cannot be effective when you get those items from an ordinary place. “A lot of things go on there which can only be investigated through spiritual means. And I feel that you can get anything you want there based on special arrangements.”
The clergyman charged the people, especially Christians and some ministers who secretly patronize the place to consciously detach themselves from the place through prayers, adding that God’s judgment was on those things and those who practice such.
Watt market, inaugurated in 1901 by an English navigator, James Watt who gave the market its name, it is situated at the heart of Duke town, and around the statute of Bassey Duke, a merchant and traditional authority at the end of the 19th century.

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