June 13, 2024

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Calabar-Itu Road: Commuters Consider Sea Routes To A’Ibom

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Following the constant hardship faced by road users of Calabar- Odukpani, Itu- Ikot Ekpene Federal High way, some commuters from Calabar have chosen the Calabar- Oron water way for easy movement.
A commuter, Mr. Lawrence Ukam, told TNN that “the water way in the first place is easier especially for people living around the beach and the other way which is the land route is also important for people to travel, but you will agree with me that the road is very terrible. You must agree with me that this road issue is not peculiar to Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State alone, it is a nationwide issue.
“Now that we have this predicament on our ways, we thank commuters for finding an easy means of getting to their various destinations by patronizing the boats here and I think that the managers here are also making things easy by keeping to the rules of the maritime laws, so that we will not have loss of lives.
“I urge the federal government to look into the situation that we find ourselves between Akwa Ibom, Cross River State route, and not only that, even the Cross River and Benue if you take Calabar, Ikom axis to that area, none of those areas is in good shape for people to travel with.
“People pay their taxes and they are supposed to enjoy the dividends from government, so we pray that the present government should look into road maintenance if they cannot build new ones they should at least maintain the old ones, so that, the people of Cross River State and Akwa Ibom can enjoy movements on the road.”

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