July 19, 2024

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Biafra: Ikwerre People In US, Canada Attack Kanu

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For calling for the murder of the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has come under attack. Members of the Ogbakor Ikwerre USA/Canada (OIUSA), Inc., a socio-cultural organization of Iwhuruohna indigenes in the United States of America and Canada, say Kanu’s action was satanic.

Members of the organization rose from their North America continent-wide meeting on Sunday and chastised Kanu for making a statement that waisnot only “unguarded,” but “dangerous, insightful and provocative.” They advised Kanu to cease and desist from making insightful statements in the future.

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In a statement, president of the organization, Mr. Eric WorluWelle, rebuked the leader of the proscribed renegade IPOB for making such “a foul and dangerous utterance,” adding that, “it is capable of producing imminent lawlessness, bitterness and ethnic recrimination” especially at a time Nigeria needs to heal from the deaths that occurred during the #ENDSARS protests in the country.

“How dangerous can anyone who puts a bounty on a sitting state governor be?

According to Welle, members of OIUSA/Canada said Wike ought to have been congratulated for his timely intervention in the Oyigbo crisis that helped nip in the bud, an ethnic conflict between Hausa/Fulani on one hand and Igbo residents in Oyigbo, on the other.

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“If Governor Wike had not intervened timely in the Oyigbo crisis which was a fallout of the #ENDSARS protest, it would have led to bloodletting between Hausa and Igbo communities in Oyigbo Local Government Area of the state,” said members of OIUSA/Canada through their president, adding: “That could have also escalated and spread to parts of Northern and South Eastern states, potentially turning to a bloody inter-ethnic conflict. These types of unguarded provocative statements underpinned the roots of the 30-month fratricidal civil war that claimed over a million lives of Nigerians, mostly Igbos.”

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Members of OIUSA/Canada noted that the so-called IPOB, now dubbed a terrorist organization, should have applauded Governor Wike for showing effective leadership, and nipping a potential Hausa-Igbo conflict in the bud rather than calling for his murder.

The North America-based Iwhuruohna indigenes called on the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo, the apex Igbo socio-cultural group, and traditional rulers in the south eastern states to call Kanu to order as well as immediately condemn in unequivocal terms, his placement of a bounty — an incentive and reward — for the murder of a sitting state governor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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“We are also calling on the governors of the south eastern states  to collectively and individually come out and publicly denounce the infuriating and inflaming statement made by the leader of the outlawed IPOB.

“Bounty has never been placed on a sitting governor in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and no governor in the country would like a bounty to be placed on him or her.

“Members of IPOB should not forget that most of their loved ones live and make their daily living in Port Harcourt, home of Iwhuruohna people. One begins to ask if IPOB indeed have the love of their people at heart.

“For its leader to call for the murder of the Governor of Rivers State is like biting the finger that feeds you. Earlier this year, one Ralph Uwazurike injected himself into Rivers State matter, threatening the state governor, and now, Nnamdi Kanu is calling for the murder of the governor, and offering an incentive and reward for anyone who commits the crime. Enough is enough!”

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