February 24, 2024

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Bayelsa Community Withdraws Certificate Of Return From CDC Chair

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John ODHE, Yenagoa


The Electoral Committee (ELECO) of Ikebiri 1community in Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa state headed by Chief Lumumba Tuke has withdrawn the certificates of return earlier issued to the vice chairman of the Community Development Committee (CDC) and others, following a pending court injunction restraining the ELECO from conducting CDC elections in the community.


The withdrawal, according to a statement by the ELECO chairman, was sequel to the cases before the Oporoma High Court sitting in Yenagoa in suit number OHC/4/2020 and OHC/40/2020 wherein there are pending motions for interlocutory injunction to restrain the Ikebiri 1 ELECO from conducting elections into the executive offices of the community CDC, pending the determination or settlement of the above cases before the court of law.


The statement further reads: “the vice chairman and other executives of Ikebiri One Community Development Committee have been asked to stop functioning in their respective capacities pending the determination or settlement of the above cases pending before the court and upon the emergence of a new CDC chairman through an acceptable election after which the new and complete executives of the Ikebiri 1 CDC shall be officially inaugurated and empowered to function.

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“The lkebiri one Electoral Committee headed by Chief Lumumba Tuke erroneously conducted the CDC election on February 29, 2020 after being served with the said court processes without knowledge of the legal implication of going ahead with the elections.


The recall of Certificates of Return becomes imperative to prevent a continuous violation of the rule of law and to avoid the commencement of a contempt proceedings against the Ikebiri one Electoral Committee.


“The Ikebiri one Electoral Committee and the Ikebiri one  community are law abiding people and adherents to the rule of law, and regret any inconvenience the withdrawal of Certificates may have caused the already elected Executives.

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“The people of Ikebiri One should be aware of the change and all concerned are advised to take note.”

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